Sacramento Church Extends, Grows in Grace

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By Carl Stagner

Something good we don’t deserve. A credit we didn’t earn to our account. Unmerited favor. Unwarranted benevolence. A gift! However we define grace, we know we all need it. One Christ-centered Church of God congregation in Sacramento, California, exudes this principle in everything they do. As they’ve deliberately and strategically extended grace in the ways they conduct ministry, they’ve found themselves not only growing in depth and reach but, most importantly, growing in the grace their name conveys.

Jackie Williams has served as lead pastor of Grace Ministries for three years. It’s been her joy to serve alongside pastor emeritus Matthew Moore, who previously served the congregation under their former name, Bread of Life Ministries Sacramento. While the church’s former name reflected one of the titles of Jesus himself, the new name communicates in unambiguous terminology to a secular culture who Jesus is and what he offers in abundance.

“I believe the significance of the Grace Ministries name,” Pastor Jackie explains, “is to extend God’s grace we receive outwardly. And, for all who may visit, that they may know Grace Ministries serves as a channel for conveying Christ’s grace and love. His grace brings profound healing, restoration, and prosperity across all facets of life.”

Pastor Jackie Williams

As Jackie Williams shepherds the flock at Grace Ministries, and witnesses to the surrounding community, she delights in observation of God’s hand at work in their midst. Through dynamic worship services, Fifth Sunday “Family and Friends Days,” Bible studies and prayer meetings, baptisms and baby dedications, and many other ministry methods, the church is actively showing grace and growing in grace. “I’m seeing the growth in spiritual awareness that bring individuals into the knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ,” she explains,” I’m seeing people committed to Christ and not [only] to a ministry. That’s important because only what you do for Christ will last.”

Certainly, there are challenges they face, just as any local church does. Thankfully, for Grace Ministries, any challenge is ultimately seen as an opportunity for God to move—a testimony-in-the-making. “Being a young church,” Pastor Jackie explains, “the challenge of resources and having to build the church from the ground up” is nothing to dismiss. “The willingness of workers who are faithful” is a real need. The prayers of the people within the congregation she leads, as well as the Church of God movement far beyond Sacramento, will most assuredly sustain them through the trials and carry them into new seasons of refreshing.

“Pray that God will continue to strengthen me as pastor,” she asks. “That everything we put our hands to God will do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or think.”

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Feature (top) photo: Pastor Jackie (second from left) beams with a church family during a celebration of baptisms and baby dedications last year.

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