RPO Orientation at NAC 2012

 In All Church of God, NAC: North American Convention

By Vernon Maddox

Individuals who have answered the call to state ministry over the last year were part of an orientation yesterday morning for regional pastors and overseers (RPO). This annual event hosted by Church of God Ministries gives these leaders an opportunity to gain tools and make connections that help jumpstart their state/regional ministries.

Those who have experienced the orientation testify to its importance:

“As a pastor for thirty-six years, coming into the state ministry position was a terrific transition. The orientation was essential for me to get the big picture of what this ministry is about. Also, it helped me to know there is a network of people ready to offer resources as well the support of prayer, fellowship, and encouragement.”

“The orientation gave me a better insight into the RPO functions of visioning, health, orientation, growth, development, resourcing, and networking, as well as concerns touching RPO and national ministry. It also increased my understanding of the significance of this new call upon my life. I have been moved into a less comfortable zone for me. This in itself is inspiring.”

“I knew God had prepared me for being a RPO, but I was missing practical information. The RPO Orientation gave me a chance to ask about those missing tools. Few individuals can relate to the experiences of a RPO, so building a network of relationships was important to me. It was good to know I wasn’t alone.”

The resource leaders were Ken Wiedrick, past chairman of Western Canada, and Dwayne Pierce, Tennessee state pastor.

The new RPOs able to attend this year were Harold Banarsee, of Eastern New York; Robert Neace, state minister from Virginia; and Steve Nelson, senior state minister from Louisiana. As you see these individuals, let them know you are praying for their ministry.

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