Revolutionary Resource Portal Coming This June

 In All Church of God


By Carl Stagner

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the ministry resources you need could be accessed through a single online portal? Whether curriculum, discipleship books, supplemental teaching material, training guides for counseling, youth ministry tools, or personal access to coaching experiences, a revolutionary resource portal will offer these, and much, much more. Since 1881, the Church of God has not seen a discipleship tool of such magnitude. Church of God Ministries is pleased to present Be Bold Academy—not a school, but a door of possibilities for spiritual growth through which all Church of God pastors and lay leaders will have the opportunity to walk. This June, during Church of God Convention in Oklahoma City, this value-added smorgasbord of ministry resources will be fully unveiled.

Ever heard of Ministry Advantage? Highly respected by pastors and leaders across the denominational spectrum, this resource is just a small part of what Church of God Ministries will offer through Be Bold Academy. Those who are familiar with Ministry Advantage will be pleased to know that the director of Ministry Advantage is designing our tool for us. Russ Olman will also be onsite at Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City for Church of God Convention 2015 in a special workshop to lay out the details of Be Bold Academy, as well as provide time for questions to be answered.

“We’re wanting to come alongside and help church leaders reach their kingdom potential,” Ryan Chapman of Church of God Ministries explains. “We’re striving to add value to their work. It’s a way of expressing our belief and confidence in them, in addition to expressing our heart in a tangible way.”

Pastors are often bombarded with appeals for this resource and that. They know the frustration of meandering through the maze of ministry “helps” that clutter their mailbox and their inbox. So why should Church of God pastors get excited about this new development?

Study_books_stock_FORWEB“It’s a single-access point,” Ryan explains. “They’ll be able to go there and access tools that will address any ministry need. What they will find is not a mediocre selection, but truly a collection of valuable resources. Everything will be available there, from how to develop a strong youth ministry, to how to develop leadership skills like delegating and recruiting. It will also continue to evolve, and more and more resources will be added as Be Bold Academy grows. The mobile-friendly nature of Be Bold Academy will allow access from anywhere, at any time.”

Be Bold Academy isn’t a traditional online school, but it is an inexpensive option for continuing education. Be Bold Academy isn’t a magic bullet for your church, but it may revolutionize your daily approach to ministry. Be Bold Academy isn’t meant to replace any of our outstanding institutions of higher education, but it is a commitment from Church of God Ministries to come alongside ministers and support them in their calling. Ryan Chapman sees it as a “wealth” of useful material for ministers and ministries that will to help them “advance their skillsets for kingdom ministry.”

Officially slated to roll out at Church of God Convention (June 22–25 in Oklahoma City), Be Bold Academy is designed to be accessible to Church of God ministers of any-size church. Individual monthly subscriptions will be available for $19.99, and congregations will be given the opportunity to subscribe for $39.99 per month. Those who sign up for the tool at Church of God Convention this year will receive a 20-percent discount. Other discounts will be available and announced, too.

It’s big. It’s unprecedented. It’s Be Bold Academy, and it’s coming soon to the Church of God.

RSVP online for the Be Bold Academy informational meeting scheduled for Monday, June 22 from 3:30 until 5:00 PM. Russ Olman of Ministry Advantage will join Handel Smith of Church of God Ministries, for an information session focusing on the nuts and bolts of the program. Questions can be e-mailed to Evelyn Ferguson at

Learn more about the Church of God at Look for more information about Be Bold Academy in the coming weeks.


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