Renewing the Connection: Global Missions Becomes Global Strategy

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By Ben Shular

As we are challenged to Be Bold at the convention of the Church of God in Oklahoma City this year, we are also challenged to look outside ourselves and reclaim what hell has stolen. Since the late 1880s, the Church of God movement has been reaching out beyond the borders of the United States and Canada, resulting in a church body outside those geographic borders that is more than three times as large as the Church of God in the United States and Canada.

Over the last century, the names of the missions programs have changed, but the assignment has stayed the same—to tell the world of the hope found in Jesus Christ. In 2000, the Missionary Board of the Church of God became Global Missions, and now Global Missions has become Global Strategy, effective June 22, 2015. The name Global Strategy is a testament to the responsibility we have to be strategic and intentional in the globalization of the Church of God movement. As we face a modern world and its challenges, we endeavor to honor Church of God missions pioneers by shaping a relevant and effective response for today, just as each generation did before us.

So how do we accomplish the mission as we move forward? At Global Strategy, we want to connect the passion that Christ puts inside us, each of us, to reach out beyond ourselves. We want to build bridges and break down barriers in an increasingly complex world to connect the followers of Christ and accomplish the work of Christ. We want to connect your passion cross-culturally in a strategic way that brings light to the darkness and hope to the lost. In partnership together, we will be the hands and feet of Christ in ways that none of us could ever be on our own.

Updated tools, such as prayer posters and prayers cards, are already available, and more programs and materials will be rolled out in the coming months. Connect with us at chogglobal.org or on Facebook at facebook.com/chogglobal to stay abreast of these changes.

We look forward to connecting your passion with real, effective ministries taking place right now all over the world.

Ben Shular is the chief international officer at Church of God Ministries. Learn more about the new Global Strategy at www.chogglobal.org.


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