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On the morning of Wednesday, February 20, 2019, the life of D. Dewayne Repass came to an end on this earth. Having served in leadership for Church of God Ministries, Indiana Ministries, Florida Church of God Ministries, and the local church, his influence over the course of his ministry was both broad and deep, and the lives he touched will never be the same. It was no surprise that news of his passing spread like wildfire. Numerous stories of his impact on the Church of God and beyond have surfaced on social media over the past week, and now two of his close associates from his years at Church of God Ministries speak out in tribute of the man everyone came to know as Reep.

Roz Hency was Dewayne’s executive assistant when he served as chief development officer at Church of God Ministries. She recounts, “Reep had a way of bringing people together in a fun, but serious way. Relationships were important to him, whether it was between departments at Church of God Ministries, our donors, deceased minister’s families, his friends, his associates, or someone in need. I loved working for this man, he always had my back, and he never hesitated to tell me how much he appreciated me.”

Kirk Bookout, now development director for Children of Promise, worked with Dewayne for ten years in the stewardship ministries group for Church of God Ministries. He’s absolutely sure what most will remember Reep by: “If you asked him how he was doing, his reply was, ‘Better and better.’ After his passing, Dewayne’s wife Brenda said his response would now be, ‘Better and best.’ How true is that!”

The news of Dewayne’s passing came unexpectedly and hit loved ones and friends hard. Church of God Ministries staff have lifted the family and friends in much prayer in the days since. Jim Lyon, general director for Church of God Ministries, can hardly imagine Dewayne so suddenly gone. “This is such sad, breathtaking news,” Jim says, “I saw him not long ago, smiling, laughing, full of life. Dewayne was one of our best; he worked tirelessly to advance the Lord’s work; he was a faithful friend, always, of Church of God Ministries and our larger church family.”

Florida Church of God Ministries has also released a statement honoring the life and legacy of Dewayne Repass. In part, the team there expresses that Dwayne’s “work went far beyond his responsibilities as the credentials chair, as he visited and preached at congregations all over the state solely with the desire to bring blessing to each pastor and church he visited. Little could ever match the contribution he brought to the Florida Ministries staff. His unbridled support, love, and sense of humor will be missed by us all. Continued prayers for his wife Brenda, daughter Robyn, her husband and their two sons are very much appreciated.”

Born in 1947, D. Dewayne Repass received his education for ministry from what is now Mid-America Christian University. Later in life, he chose to pursue advanced education in the field of business and marketing from Indiana Wesleyan University. At that time, he’d already led the Church of God in the state of Indiana to continued growth and impact; he served as regional minister for Indiana Ministries from 1994 to 2002. In October 2002, he joined the staff of Church of God Ministries where he served until November 2013. From July 2014 until his passing, Dewayne served as credentials and endowment specialist for Florida Ministries, all the while offering his skills as a consultant for Perform.

Church of God Ministries is forever indebted to the kingdom legacy of D. Dewayne Repass. Thank you for your continued prayers for his family and friends. We are all “better and better” because of tremendous leaders like Reep.

From Florida Church of God Ministries: The family has coordinated a service to honor and celebrate the life and ministry of D. Dewayne Repass to take place prior to Convention 2019 and General Assembly. The memorial service will be held on June 27, 2019, at 12:30 PM at Solid Rock Community Church, 1904 N Michigan Ave, Kissimmee, FL 34744.

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