Relief, Resettlement Ongoing as Crisis in Ukraine Persists

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By Carl Stagner

The reality of the resurrection, juxtaposed with the reality of war, frames this year’s Holy Week and Easter events and activities in an unusual light. As the pinnacle of the Christian calendar approaches, the persistence of the crisis in Ukraine prompts the Church of God around the world to pause, pray, and preach the Prince of Peace not only in word, but also, and especially, in deed. While Church of God congregations across much of the globe gather for special observances and celebrations over the next several days, they will remember their sister churches displaced and disillusioned by trial and tribulation. But they can also give God glory for the ways the Church of God has come together to furnish help and hope.

To God be the glory for the nearly $60,000 already sent to assist directly in emergency relief and evacuation efforts on the ground in Ukraine and eastern Europe! Assistance is also being provided to support our brothers and sisters who seek refuge and resettlement outside Ukraine. Thanks to the generosity of the Church of God movement, Church of God Ministries has been able to partner with the Church of God in Germany to meet the needs of the Ukrainian congregations. Thanks to the strategic work of Church of God regional coordinators and missionaries in the area, aid continues to reach refugees whose safety necessitated evacuation.

Missionaries Daniel and Christy Kihm, who only arrived in Hungary last month, have immersed themselves in crisis relief. Alongside the Church of God in Hungary, they are among those assisting displaced Church of God families directly in a variety of capacities. Regular social media updates chronicle the number of strategic ways the Church of God relief effort is making a difference in the midst of deeply disturbing and devolving circumstances.

On April 13, social media reports announced the safe passage of a Ukrainian pastor and family—an answer to a specific prayer request posted several days ago. The notice was accompanied by a plea for further prayer, reminding the Church of God around the world that challenges remain ahead, even after refugees are no longer in immediate physical danger. “Now comes the work of settling into a new life in a new country,” the posts goes on to explain. “Please continue to pray as more from the church in central Ukraine will be arriving.”

Indeed, challenges remain visible even on the horizon. The Church of God movement is encouraged to maintain its prayerful and financial support of disaster relief in a situation that is constantly changing. Church of God Ministries anticipates the need to send more and more support to meet the ongoing needs, address future concerns, and ultimately support the resettlement and rebuilding efforts of our Ukrainian sisters and brothers in Christ.

If you would like to walk alongside our Ukrainian church family, donations can be made to Church of God Disaster Relief. Your gift helps provide both emergency aid to those who choose to remain in Ukraine and critical assistance to those who choose to flee as refugees.

Feature (top) collage: Damaged property in Ukraine. Images courtesy the Church of God in Germany.

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