Regionals Rebranded, Refreshed for 2024

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By Carl Stagner

Since the 2015 General Assembly vote to make the Church of God Convention an every-other-year experience, smaller-scale (yet larger-than-life!) regional events have ushered in a new era of accessibility and innovation to the collective work of the Movement. During the “even” years, regional gatherings have dotted the map from coast to coast, granting attendees variety in venue and content. In 2024, Church of God people will again convene in three different locations, at three separate times of the year, with three distinct formats.

In three historic firsts, partnership with existing exemplary organizations and local Church of God congregations will make each Regional uniquely catalytic. Pastors and lay leaders checking the Church of God website for updates have already noted the dates of each event: May 15–18, June 18–20, and October 3–5, respectively. May’s event will coincide with the acclaimed Misfits Conference at General Assembly chair-elect Geremy Dixon’s church in Inglewood, California—Center of Hope LA. The June Regional is scheduled at, and in partnership with, the largest Church of God in the country—Crossings Community in Oklahoma City. Rounding out the year of rebranded and refreshed Regionals, the October event is scheduled to take place at First Church of God in Columbus, Ohio, in conjunction with the beloved Berean Leadership Conference.

Through these partnerships, Church of God Ministries is able to provide pastors and church leaders with teaching, tips, and tools from experts representing a wide variety of ecclesial and marketplace settings to enhance effectiveness for the advancement of God’s kingdom. Consider Misfits, for instance—this annual event, relatively new to the scene, brings together “entrepreneurs, market-disruptors, and influencers” to encourage and equip Christ-centered leaders. Whether providing “affirmation for all who have struggled with their ‘misfit’ nature”—that is, to fit in where God has designed and placed them—or by giving “actionable intel on how to mobilize their unique set of skills, insight, and strategies toward their intended destination,” the Misfit experience will take Church of God leaders to new heights in areas perhaps not previously explored by most pastors, all while “building an authentic community/network of these marketplace pioneers.”

Similarly, Crossings Community Church, a massive force for good in Oklahoma City and around the world, wields a wealth of resources, perspective, and practical knowledge just waiting to be explored. Combined with impeccable hospitality and programming prowess, the June Regional is expected to attract guests from near and far, leaving a certain indelible impact on all. As details are developed, CHOGnews will be here to inform and inspire.

Those who have been blessed to follow in the footsteps or sit under the teaching of Bishop Timothy Clarke, former chair of the General Assembly of the Church of God, know nothing emanating from First Church of God “the City” is less-than or somehow subpar. In fact, it’s just the opposite. To go a step farther, if you’ve observed Clarke’s ministry for at least a short time, you’ve heard of—if not participated in—the Berean Leadership Conference. A real “fall classic,” the Berean Leadership Conference allows students of all ages to “learn and grow in [their] own leadership skills.” Berean Leadership asserts that “anyone who feels a weight of responsibility in their local church or ministry is a leader and should be seen, strengthened, and celebrated.”

“Church leaders,” they continue, “don’t just serve in traditional ministry roles like pastor, elder, or worship leader. The faithful servants in IT, operations, HR, media, communications, and administration are doing critical Kingdom work. That’s why all sessions and services [of the Berean Leadership Conference] are relevant to all church staff positions, church leaders, and church members. And because the church is not one-size-fits-all, this conference isn’t, either! God works in both large and small congregations in unique ways, and our goal is to be relevant and helpful to you whether your weekly attendance is 25, 250, or 25,000.”

Mark your calendars today for one or more of these outstanding events. More information, including registration, is coming soon—so stay tuned to CHOGnews and the Regionals 2024 website ( for updates.

Regionals 2024—bringing the Kingdom to life…together!

Feature (top) photo: Regional 2022 worship at Destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California.

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