Regional Coordinators Meet, Seek Global Transformation

 In Church of God Ministries, Global Strategy

From January 24 to 26, the regional coordinators for Global Missions came together for a series of meetings to discuss mission strategy and seek global transformation. Over these few short days, the regional coordinators met with Church of God Ministries staff and missions pastors to strengthen relationships, learn from each other, and seek answers to difficult questions relating to the spread of the gospel around the world.

Three missions pastors met with the regional coordinators to discuss topics, including what churches desire from missionaries, what missionaries need from the churches, and how churches and missionaries can work together to accomplish important kingdom goals. Other leaders encouraged the regional coordinators with additional tools to carryout effective global ministry.

The regional coordinators gather twice a year—January and June—to share information about how God is at work in their particular regions. They pray for one another, celebrate accomplishments, and set goals for each ministry. They share plans for the future and discuss options for global growth in the Church of God. In recent years, the regional coordinators have also visited Church of God colleges and universities to meet with prospective missionaries and students with a heart for the kingdom of God around the world.

This year’s gathering of regional coordinators kicked off with a celebration of Sharon Skaggs’s thirty plus years of faithful service to Church of God missions. She reflects, “Working alongside many of our missionaries and national leaders has been the greatest blessing. I’ve been humbled by their dedication and sacrifice as they work to spread the gospel. It’s been a joy.”

The regional coordinators for Global Missions include Patrick and Jamie Nachtigall (Europe and the Middle East), David and Barbara Miller (Latin America), and Don and Caroline Armstrong (Asia and the Pacific). Art and Suetta Clawson serve as Africa liaisons. For more information, and how you can get involved in their ministries, visit www.chogmissions.org.

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