Regional Conventions 2020: The Way of Jesus

 In Church of God, Convention

Embracing the gospel of the kingdom has often been reduced to a simple and straightforward decision—a climactic choice “to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.” To be “saved” (and persuade others to become so) has pervasively been the focused target of much of American Christianity. Sometimes, this ambition has emphasized “church membership,” baptism, or an “altar call” as the end game.

The Church of God was born with a sense that there was more to it, however. Yes, we have always believed that becoming “born again” was an essential step toward “abundant life.” But, we have also contended that Jesus called us to more, to a kingdom life of transformational passion, empowered by the Holy Spirit. To “follow Jesus” requires more than intellectual assent or ritual performance; it requires that we allow ourselves to become supernatural instruments in the redemptive, daring, radical, world-changing, life-altering, risk-assuming way of Jesus.

To see like Jesus, hear like Jesus, act like Jesus, love like Jesus, risk like Jesus, and be like Jesus is the way of Jesus. How did He do it? How should we be doing it?

The world was changed in every place Jesus walked; nothing can remain the same in his shadow. So should it be when the body of Christ follows him. In 2020, our three Regional Conventions will explore, celebrate, and reach for The Way of Jesus. Be bold. Reclaim. Take back what hell has stolen. Give life. And, live into The Way of Jesus. Adventure waits. The world waits. Join the movement.

Jesus is the subject.

The Regional Conventions are scheduled for April 22–24 in Inglewood, California; June 24–26 in Anderson, Indiana; and September 16–18 in Brooklyn, New York.

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