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As the Church of God Regional Convention in Columbus, Ohio, (June 19–20) nears, much of the Church of God continues to reflect on their experiences in Arizona or Oklahoma. The first two Regionals highlighted some of the best leaders and brightest minds in the Movement and some from other tribes. Each speaker, worship leader, and elective teacher contributed to the whole, offering practical tools for churches to take back to their communities. Whether tasting Living Water at an oasis in the desert, or feasting on the Bread of Life in the heart of the Great Plains, everyone came away from these events having received, heard, and embraced Life.


Allan Fuller, pastor of Mountain Park Church in Phoenix, Arizona, engaged listeners from personal experience at the helm of the dynamic congregation, which also proved highly hospitable during the first Regional Convention. Pastor Marty Grubbs and Crossings Community Church blessed the Church of God leaders and laypeople who came together for the second Regional. Don Wilson was the regional guest speaker for both events, and his hard-hitting message did not disappoint. Though these April opportunities have come and gone, the remaining Regional Conventions in Ohio, Virginia, and Florida will feature different host pastors and new regional guest speakers, some of whom will offer their debut message to the Movement. Don’t miss Timothy Clarke, Harvey Carey, Rod Stafford, Terry Rolen, and Brad Lomenick!

Of course, there were four speakers at the first two Regionals that will return to the final three. Jeff Whye, Jo Anne Lyon, Ben Hardman, and Jim Lyon have each received rave reviews from convention-goers so far. Registrants for the next three Regional Conventions can look forward to being challenged, encouraged, and empowered by these incredible speakers who only seem to further develop and refine their timely talks. Learn more about each one at


Let each of the following speaker quotes inspire you as you anticipate attending the Church of God Regional Convention in Columbus (June 19–20), Fairfax (September 18–19), or Safety Harbor (September 25–26):

• “Life is a gift that cannot be manufactured, and God alone has the capacity to bring it into being. We are its custodians!” —Jim Lyon

• “The thing no other organization or company in this world can offer is LIFE!” —Allan Fuller

• “Are planting transactional churches, or transformational churches?” —Jo Anne Lyon

• “When was the last time we did something so bold, it defied the odds and relied only the Holy Spirit?” —Jeff Whye

• “Here is the church, here is the steeple, open the doors, and RELEASE all the people!” —Don Wilson

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