Refreshed and Recharged for Ministry: NAC 2012 Leaves Lasting Impact

 In All Church of God, NAC: North American Convention


By Carl Stagner

The 126th North American Convention of the Church of God has come and gone, but a spirit of refreshment and renewal is left in its wake. Thousands of believers representing Church of God congregations across North America and around the world came to together to focus on what it means to refresh our relationship with our Creator, Christ, our Comforter, our community, and the church. They worshiped, they prayed, they fellowshipped, they served the community, and they sought the Lord’s will for the future of the church. The empowerment, encouragement, and compelling force of the Holy Spirit were especially evident in the variety of worship services, conferences, and connecting experiences.

Through the week, dynamic speakers, including Erin Taylor, Hector Gonzalez, David Aukerman, Diana Swoope, Erik Spohr, Bill Neece, and Terry Rolen, delivered the word of God with clarity and conviction. Worship leaders Rod Martin, Rod Dallas, Leo Flores, and Aaron Ferry led hearts into times of powerful worship and praise. Anderson University opened up the convention on Friday, June 22 with a grand musical presentation of the historical connection between the university and the Church of God. Believers from around the world took of the bread and the cup during the Global Communion service on Sunday. Prayer and anointing for emotional, spiritual, and physical healing highlighted the Monday evening service. Tuesday evening’s worship service included the commissioning of seven missionaries. On Wednesday evening, an inspirational program featuring several speakers, special music selections, and a Daniel S. Warner sermon, closed the convention with an emphasis on the power of influential leaders on our lives—those “giants along our path.”Kihms_at_NAC_2012

NAC 2012 was another year of transformation and community outreach. Attendees once again took advantage of the opportunity to show God’s love to local restaurants with the Tear ’n’ Share card. When Church of God individuals and families went out to eat during the convention, they left generous tips of at least 18 percent along with the card that stated, “With this tip, I pray a blessing over you and your family.” On the reverse, the card included a list of nearby Church of God congregations and contact information. In addition to the outreach to restaurants, the youth ministry at NAC sponsored a community service project to demonstrate the love of Christ and thank Anderson for being a gracious host community year after year.

If you missed the North American Convention this year, you missed an experience like none other. When the God’s people come together over a period of several days, incredible things happen. This year, commitments and recommitments were made to Christ and his ministry, pastors and laypeople were recharged for vibrant ministry in the local church, and friendships were developed and strengthened. The good news is that you don’t have to miss out on what God will do through this annual convocation of the Church of God next year. Next year’s convention will be the Global Gathering, June 22–25, in Anderson, Indiana. Plan to attend and take part in a celebration of God’s work around the world. Register, download promotional materials, and support this great event at or call 800-848-2464 ext. 2130.

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