Reclaim 2016 Finale Begins in Philadelphia

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By Carl Stagner

This year’s third-and-final Regional Convention begins today in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. New Covenant Church of God, the church founded by Reclaim 2016 speaker Milton Grannum and his wife Hyacinth, hosts the event, which officially kicks off at 7:00 PM EDT. Many Church of God pastors and lay leaders have already arrived, drawn by extra events, such as the CARE Initiative workshop from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM today. Adding to this week’s grand finale experience is the highly-anticipated CHOG Table on Thursday, which will allow guests to grapple with the current, hot-button issue of race and reconciliation. From Vancouver, Washington, to Anderson, Indiana, to the City of Brotherly Love—the call to reclaim our neighborhoods in Jesus’ name is taking hold and turning in to action.

Evidence of Church of God congregations reclaiming what hell has stolen in their communities continually pours in to Church of God Ministries—to the extent that a “waiting list” has been developed of stories ready to be told at www.chognews.org. God is on the move, and the first two Regional Conventions have served as launch pads to transformative, community-oriented ministry. The third-and-final Regional Convention in Philadelphia this week is expected to yield similar impact.

In addition to the CARE event, convention-goers will have the opportunity on Tuesday afternoon to join Dr. David A. Hoag and his wife for a meet-and-greet from 4:30 to 6:30. During the kickoff session, Alanna Story will once again lead worship and Milton Grannum will share from God’s Word and his incredibly gripping testimony. Those who have already attended a Reclaim 2016 event know firsthand the powerful experience tonight’s service will be. Following the kickoff session, alumni of Anderson University can look forward to a special reception.

The Regional Convention program book is now available online for you to browse and see for yourself what hundreds of your brothers and sisters in Christ are experiencing in Philadelphia this week. Be sure to use #Reclaim2016 to join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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