Reboot: Renewing Marriage Intimacy through the App World

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By Ryan Chapman

Pastors want their marriages to be strong and growing. But their calling does not exempt them from life and relationship realities. And quite often the constant challenges of the pastorate can unintentionally but incrementally move couples further and further away from each other.

The resources to counter this are nearly uncountable if we only had the time to stop and get them and make application. This is a place where technology can serve the pastor couple very well and with great convenience.

Reboot Marriage is a mobile marriage resource. It can easily be downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, or Android through Gloo (a mobile platform) in the Apple Store or Google Play Store with an invitation code of 6227.

Have you ever just felt unsure about what to say or even how to take the relationship with your spouse deeper? This challenge can be met with this one-year strategy for renewing marriage intimacy.

This app includes:

•    Guided conversations and a Relational Needs Inventory. Through this, couples can discover and share their top relational needs.
•    Video for reflection, personal journaling opportunities, short assessments, and subscriptions that keep intimacy alive. All of these resources are delivered to your mobile device.
•    Focuses on ten Love Gives experiences that  are designed to deepen a couple’s conversations and rekindle intimacy. These experiences include:

o    Love Gives Acceptance
o    Love Gives Affection
o    Love Gives Appreciation
o    Love Gives Approval
o    Love Gives Attention
o    Love Gives Comfort
o    Love Gives Encouragement
o    Love Gives Respect
o    Love Gives Security
o    Love Gives Support

This is a great opportunity to add a level of knowing and caring to your marriage relationship. And pastors are always looking for resources to serve their leaders and those in the congregation.

For more info about this Reboot marriage resource, the One-Year Strategy for Personal Spiritual Growth, and Reboot Retreats,

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