Reaching for New Opportunities

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By Mary Baker-Boudissa

In March 2013, the Ministries Council of the Church of God approved Rev. Jim Lyon as the general director designate and candidate for ratification by the General Assembly of the Church of God. Since then, the church at large has wondered what, if ratified, Jim’s vision for the Church of God would be.

Although Rev. Lyon is not a stranger to the Church of God, having been involved with global ministry for more than fifteen years, this General Assembly will be the first opportunity many people will have to get acquainted with him. From his Church of God family roots to his journey in ministry, he has shown himself to be a man with vision and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Lyon recalls “the sense of being chosen, the consciousness of Providence, the clothing of grace, the investment of Heaven’s purpose, the conviction that God redeems, makes whole, and destines, was breathed into me, always.” He is a faithful servant who has demonstrated his love for God’s church—here and abroad.

As a testament to his commitment to transparency in all that he does and to remaining true to the foundations of our movement, Jim posted online his responses to questions from individuals across the Church of God.

In the video A Moment of Opportunity, which is available online at, Jim affirms his love for the church and his belief about what will define us as a movement and as the body of Christ.

To learn more about Jim Lyon, visit

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