Prolific Communicator, Influencer Generates Anticipation for IYC 2024

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By Carl Stagner

“I used to really believe that our [my] generation was going to rise up and do something powerful. Now, I’m being honest, I truly believe it’s you. I truly believe that, as God, who is timeless, looked over the conflict that would be facing our country today…I really, truly believe that God saw you and called you into existence for such a time as this. We are looking for a generation of covenant-keepers—love God and love each other…may people see God when they see you! Christ is in you!”

Heather Thompson Day is known internationally for her unique ability to capture the attention of audiences of all ages, especially the younger demographic. Regarded broadly among the top communicators in both sacred and secular settings, the popular podcaster and influencer engages the hearts and minds of emerging generations through compelling assertions as noted in the highlighted quotation. While her contagious faith makes her an intriguing part of the lineup of speakers for this year’s International Youth Convention of the Church of God, her fluency in the language of today’s youth and young adults explains the anticipation generated so quickly for the Orlando event.


Heather Thompson Day (credit: Alfield Reeves)

Dr. Heather Thompson Day’s ministry has garnered acclaim across denominational lines for her Jesus-first approach augmented by generous practical application. Having contributed to Religion News Service, Christianity Today, and the Barna Group, she also hosts one of the top 200 Christian podcasts in the United States—Viral Jesus.

Communication is her forte and, considering her role as an associate professor of communication at Andrews University, such a fact should come as no surprise. Though she’s often highly sought-after to speak at events on the campuses of colleges and universities, not to mention secular workplaces, she’s also passionate about supporting women. “I’m That Wife” is the name of an online community Heather leads, through which she has 270,000 followers.

The Today Show and the National Communication Association have featured her writing, and she’s been interviewed by mass media giants BBC Radio Live and the Wall Street Journal. It’s Not Your Turn, I’ll See You Tomorrow, and Confessions of a Christian Wife are among eight popular book titles she’s authored, and she consistently seeks to “stand in the gap of our churches for young people.”

None of the acclaim gets to her head, however. Dr. Heather Thompson Day is grounded by her faith, and she feels right at home with her family—husband Seth Day and their three children, London, Hudson, and Sawyer.

The Church of God movement is gearing up to celebrate its 100th International Youth Convention of the Church of God in Orlando, Florida, June 27–30, 2024. For details and registration, visit

Feature (top) photo: Students gathered for worship at IYC 2022 (file).

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