Prayers Answered for the Goldmans

 In All Church of God, Global Strategy


Missionaries Dwayne and Kara Goldman received the fantastic news Thursday morning that their visas have been granted. They can now travel to Australia at any time. They will be serving with Journey Church in Pacific Pines. Their visas are approved through August 1, 2017.

“We are rejoicing, with a mix of overwhelming relief and the reality, that we are suddenly in the last days [of waiting] and departure is imminent,” Dwayne exclaimed. “Lots of plans to roll into motion now!”

The Goldmans have been technically ready to enter the mission field for a few months but were awaiting this approval so that they could begin. They have been living at the ready along with their four children—Manning, Brennen, Abigail, and Zachary. Many people throughout the church have been praying for this day.

Global Missions and the Goldmans thank you for your continued prayer. “Thanks for hanging with us through it all,” Dwayne said.

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