Prayer Walking

 In All Church of God, NAC: North American Convention

By Don Billey

I was first introduced to the idea of prayer walking nearly twenty-five years ago at the Adamsville Road Church of God in Elkhart, Indiana. I didn’t know it was prayer walking; I just thought we were praying in a new way.

As leaders, we gathered in the sanctuary and were instructed to go to different pews, visualize the people who usually sat in them, and pray for them. We surrounded the piano and prayed for the pianist. We sat in the choir loft, the chancel chairs, and stood at the doors and prayed. It was powerful.

My wife and I moved to Anderson in 2003. Since the time, it has been my privilege to serve for several years as part of the prayer-walking team that prays before services at the North American Convention. I don’t know the names or even the faces of those who may be sitting in each seat, but I pray, nevertheless, that God will be working in their hearts and lives during the services.

What I’ve found through prayer walking is that I’ve been changed. God has spoken to me, convicted me, encouraged me, broken me, and restored me. We serve an amazing God, whose power and love are poured out on us not only during our worship times, but as we prepare for them in prayer. I encourage you to make prayer walking a part of your own personal preparation for worship, not just at NAC, but every day.

Join us as we walk the aisles in prayer every day during convention from 5:00 to 5:30 PM in Reardon Auditorium.

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