Prayer Makes a Difference

 In All Church of God, Youth Ministries

Spread the Word is having an impact in more than thirty countries around the world, and the Youth Network Team of the Church of God has taken several opportunities to visit various locations to see STW funds in action. Time and time again, we hear stories of how prayers have been answered. A suicidal father in Paraguay prayed for help and found it through a Christian radio station sponsored by Spread the Word. A pastor in Bangladesh prayed for a more efficient way to reach rural areas with the gospel and received a motorcycle to help him expand his ministry for the kingdom. A church plant in Brazil prayed for sound equipment to use for evangelism in their community and received the items needed to aid them in their ministry. God is answering prayer around the world through Spread the Word resources.

In addition to the impact made by the resources given, the teams going to witness these things have experienced powerful times of prayer with the people in these places. In Uganda, team members visited the homes of AIDS patients and prayed over them and their families. In Paraguay, more than half of the local Church of God pastors received visits from the STW team for times of prayer and encouragement.

The church is alive and well, and God’s Spirit is at work, whether prayers are spoken in person or from across the globe. To read testimonies and stories about how STW and prayer are making an impact, go to and click on Spread the Word.

Written by Tami Byrd who is a member of the Youth Ministry Team and the youth pastor at South Memorial Drive Church of God in New Castle, Indiana.

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