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In Matthew 9:37, Jesus is recorded as saying that “the harvest is great, but the workers are few” (NLT). Why is this the case? Why are there so few laborers? The Great Commission has been given to the disciples of Jesus but all too often we assume someone else will carry it out. Notice what the next verse says: “So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields” (emphasis added). Prayer and evangelism are too often overlooked emphases in the church today. That’s why we’re encouraging individuals and congregations to participate in the 360 Revolution—previously designed for students—now extended to the whole church.

The 360 Revolution is a simple, local evangelism strategy that was originally designed by Greg Dewey for high school students. Utilized by Andy Stephenson and his team at Church of God Ministries for many years, the 360 Revolution is a tool anyone, of any age, can use. That’s why we’ve adapted the idea and accompanying resources to be accessible and relevant to any age. It all boils down to this: pray for 3 friends, 6 days a week, and miss 0 opportunities!

During the month of September, would you and your congregation join us for a prayer and evangelism strategy that really works? In addition to promotional resources and tools available for purchase, you’ll find a daily prayer guide, a four-week prayer and evangelism devotional, and a group study each available for free download at But don’t stop there. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead. Modify these resources for your church’s particular needs. Incorporate portions of the 360 Revolution into your ministry plan for September. Create your own sermons based on the information we’ve provided. Whatever you do, won’t you commit to elevating the disciplines of prayer and evangelism in your church—and your personal life?

Join us this September for the 360 Revolution. Perhaps you’ll discover that you are one of the workers God is calling into his fields!

Let us know you’re a part of the Revolution. Register at

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