Prayer Effort Underway for CHOG Convention 2014

 In All Church of God

Photo: Prayer during NAC 2012.

By Ryan Chapman

Excitement is mounting as we approach the Church of God Convention this summer. This is a great opportunity in the life of the Church of God—perhaps the greatest in our lifetimes. Part of our preparation is that of prayer, knowing that we are greatly dependent upon our Lord’s presence through this entire endeavor if it is to have the kingdom results that will please him. Jim Lyon, general director of Church of God Ministries, has put together a list of seven prayer statements that will help us focus as we move toward the convention. We invite you as leaders in the church to unite in these common directions in prayer.

1. That everyone who feels called to attend will find a way to be present. This is a pivotal meeting in the spiritual life of the church; the devil himself will try and stand in the way, detour, and discourage the Lord’s own. Pray for the means, protection, and good health for all who covenant to be a part.

2. That the church will focus on its calling at the convention, not its traditions.

3. That the speakers and musicians will be anointed, divorced from self, and instruments of God.

4. That decisions will be made at the General Assembly that will propel the movement forward with fresh energy and power.

5. That the church will be united by embracing a common cause, brought forward at the convention, and dramatically save lives in the year following.

6. That the technological challenges of hosting and interfacing two meetings sites simultaneously will be met.

7. That no one who attends will escape the Holy Spirit.

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