Political, Economic Instability Prompt Decisive Response for Persevering Myanmar Ministry

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By Carl Stagner

Political instability has been the overarching theme in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Persisting conflict concerning former democratic control of the government and present military authority has left an economic disaster in its wake. Compounded by the COVID crisis, fuel costs have skyrocketed, as have prices for household staples like cooking oil and rice—the combination of which is proving a formidable foe to the Church of God there, desirous to care for the flock and come alongside neighbors in ways that demonstrate the love of Jesus. In response to the need to provide safe shelter and keep the vital work of Church of God efforts going, Church of God Disaster Relief has been walking alongside the local church in Myanmar, both prayerfully and financially, for the past eighteen months.

Several families of the Church of God in Myanmar are presently sheltering at the Church of God compound in Myanmar so they can weather the storm together and actually be together for worship services. For about a year and a half, the unsafe situation for these Church of God leaders has required such precautions. With previously scheduled elections canceled and the earliest postponement not realized until, at the earliest, July 2023, the need to care for our sisters and brothers in Myanmar couldn’t be clearer.

Retaining wall at the compound in Myanmar.

To date, insufficient donations have come in to support the critical needs of these families living in limbo. Only a little over a month ago, the national leader of the Church of God in Myanmar, Rev. Dorothy Colney, sent a letter to Church of God Ministries, describing the deterioration of the security wall that surrounds the Church of God compound there. Monsoon rains have taken their toll on the structure, and climbing levels of violence have raised the level of concern for their safety. An official estimate of $7,600 to repair the wall prompted Church of God Disaster Relief to send swift support, but the urgent nature of the ongoing challenges of the Myanmar Church of God warrants partnership from donors across the Church of God movement.

More than anything, our sisters and brothers in Myanmar need to know they’ve not been forgotten. Your prayerful and financial support matters. Thank you.

Disaster Relief funds continue to be needed to support the Church of God in Myanmar amidst these trying times. To further equip the local church to respond to hurting families and communities, donations can be made to Church of God Ministries Disaster Relief. Your gift today supports those suffering in Myanmar, Ukraine, Kentucky, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other communities where the local Church of God is responding to disasters around the world. Thank you.

Feature (top) photo: Church of God facilities in Myanmar.

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