Plant, Grow, Harvest: Church of God Congregations Welcome Shift of Seasons

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By Carl Stagner

A quick survey of the global scene seems to suggest the world is crumbling all around us, yet the testimonies of God at work in the Church of God offer a stark contrast. Certainly, the bad news coming out of Ukraine causes our hearts to break, yet Church of God people simultaneously rejoice at the generous outpouring of prayerful and financial support in response to the crisis. At the same time, stories of kingdom wins are still being written by the finger of God in various locations, and the opportunity is ours to read the underlying message of assurance from heaven. No doubt, the enemy of our souls has meticulously worked mischief and wreaked havoc in places far and near—and certainly there are local churches where victory is not the overarching theme. But thanks be to God for a glimmer of hope that shines in all corners of the Church of God movement today, as congregations welcome a shift of seasons.

Food collected by TriPoint Church for the local college.

While COVID restrictions loosen their grip on Church of God congregations from California to New York, an increase in activity among such ministry hubs is evident. Churches are embracing not only the end of a difficult season of sickness, but the end of a brutally cold and snowy winter across certain parts of the United States and Canada.

In Tennessee, where several inches of snow disrupted planned activities in parts of the state this winter, Tennessee State Ministries of the Church of God rejoiced over the grand opening of CrossPath Church in Johnson City, Tennessee, where seven decisions were made that day for Jesus. In the neighboring state of South Carolina, opportunities for partnership across the lines of languages have been seized; Grand Strand Community Church of God in Myrtle Beach is welcoming a Spanish-speaking ministry inside their facility. TriPoint Church of God in Alpena, Michigan, has shown the local community college the love of God through generous donations to their student food pantry. The children’s ministry is alive and well in Jamestown, New York, where Busti Church of God recently implemented fun ways for the children to “accept” the reality of Daylight Saving Time Sunday—pajamas and Pop Tarts welcome! Thankful for divine provision, Crosspoint Church in Natchez, Mississippi, paid off their property early and is celebrating the onset of spring in financial freedom. And in Fresno, California, Westside Church of God is gearing up for a springtime celebration of their pastoral leaders Paul and Lady Valarie Binion, who have given forty-five years of their lives to the call.

“Paid in full” image posted on social media by Crosspoint Church.

Among the affiliated agencies of the Church of God, Christian Women Connection continues to celebrate their new executive director, Kimberly Majeski, and Children of Promises is celebrating expansion into their thirty-first country—Brazil. Groundbreaking new resources and initiatives are launching from Church of God Ministries this spring, too, for which the entire movement ultimately benefits; stay tuned to Church of God Ministries email and social media communication for details!

There is so much to ask God for, and there is so much to thank him for. Be encouraged, God is still on the move in the Church of God movement.

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Feature (top) photo: Grand opening celebration outside CrossPath Church in Johnson City, Tennessee.

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