Pink Door: Joining God’s Mission of Reconciliation

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Photo: Room inside the Pink Door safe house.

By Pink Door staff

The last four months may have been a blur, but Pink Door is up and running. We welcomed our first recovery program participant on January 20, so these first weeks have been filled with doctor appointments, visits to German governmental offices, psych evaluations, language evaluations, teaching her how to shop, cook, clean, and use public transportation. It’s amazing how many life skills are never developed when someone is reduced to less-than-human status, abused, abandoned, and forgotten. It’s a miracle how these women blossom when given a chance at a new life. So, we’re off and running with perseverance the race marked out for us, never alone, often exhausted, but always encouraged and reminded daily of your sacrifice that has made Pink Door a reality—never taking for granted the great privilege it is to join God in his mission of reconciliation.

We were still working on getting everything set up at the Pink Door house even as our first woman arrived. Every time we would step into the main living area, one article in the room would grab our attention. It was waiting for our first woman to arrive.

A week earlier, Jane, who would be our first participant, asked for a special favor. Handing our teammate an Eastern European Bible she had received at Café Neustart, she asked, “I know the house won’t open until next week, but could you take this and put it in the room where I will be living? I want it to be waiting for me on the day I arrive.” She reads her Bible every day, and it is a source of instruction and comfort for her.

The Pink Door safe house is a warm and inviting place. A place of healing. A place of peace. A place where we all encounter God daily. A place where the staff learns what it means to love God and to love your neighbor in deeper and meaningful ways. A place where women, a lot like the Samaritan woman at the well, encounter Jesus, the one who knows all of their past, their pain, their suffering, their guilt. A place where they find a healing and wholeness that they have never known before.

Celebration is vital, especially in this type of ministry and, on February 6, we celebrated the realization of our dream of Pink Door, with more than one hundred precious friends here in Berlin! Our purpose for the evening was not only to celebrate God’s faithfulness and provision, but also to show our gratitude to the many people who sacrificed to make Pink Door a reality. And although you were not physically with us, you were in our hearts that night. You are certainly a great cloud of faithful witnesses to us. You prayed, encouraged, and gave sacrificially to fulfill our dream. Thanks for believing in us and in the call God gave to us. This is a kingdom project which can only be done together!

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