Pastors, Congregations Rediscover Hope in Hard Times through Updated Classic

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By Carl Stagner

Rediscovery. The word alone stimulates the imagination—what was once discovered that ought to be discovered again? How was the discovery made in the past? Is the approach to rediscovery different, requiring alterations from the first, in order to embrace the new? At the most basic level, what needs to be rediscovered? For the weary Christian worn out by the upheaval broadly characterizing the past year in church and society, hope and help likely describes the lingering sentiment. In a modern classic updated for the varied crises of the present day, beloved Church of God pastor-author Bob Moss offers such hope and help by directing pastors and congregations to rediscover “the passion, the promise, and the power” of kingdom living.

In the late 1990s, Warner Press asked Rev. Bob Moss to write a book to enhance and expound upon the theme of the Church of God Convention. Titled Rediscover the Passion, the Promise, the Power, the book outlined practical steps for individuals, congregations, and ultimately the Church of God movement. Certainly, the book proved valuable in light of the tumult at the time; it could hardly be imagined then, though, the challenges the Church of God would face more than a couple decades later.

Years after the original book release, Bob Moss found himself serving as senior pastor for Salem Church of God in Clayton, Ohio, just outside of Dayton. His then associate pastor, Paul Strozier (now lead pastor for Madison Park Church of God in Anderson, Indiana), suggested Bob use his book as material for a sermon series. With the addition of a chapter and some editing, the book was “re-cast” to serve the purpose of their local church. Even before the pandemic and social crises of 2020, Bob had initiated conversations with Warner Press about the possible usefulness of such content for contemporary age, so different than the previous century across all sectors of society.

Bob Moss

“When Warner Press editor Kevin Stiffler read the book,” Bob recounts, “he enthusiastically recommend it, noting its inspiration for today’s audience. He encouraged me to write an additional chapter titled ‘Rediscovering Peace in Troubled Times.’” As a result, a fresh, updated version of Bob’s book is now available, containing two new, concluding chapters that “are aimed at helping the reader apply rediscovered courage and zeal to the living of these days.”

One of his new chapters in the book is titled “Just Imagine.” The idea makes sense when one considers the optimistic, forward-thinking spirit of this respected leader. “I have always sought to be the kind of leader who can inspire people to dream and imagine a better future,” Bob reflects.

Bob currently serves the Church of God through Church of God Ministries as senior executive project manager. Among his responsibilities are chairman of the standing committee on credentials of the General Assembly, Church of God coordinator of the Transitional Interim Pastor Service (TIPS), a member of the advancement team for Church of God Ministries, and working alongside Handel Smith in the relational aspects of the US and Canada Strategy team. Updating Rediscover the Passion, the Promise, and the Power was an additional joy.

“The mission of my writing this book can be summed in one word—perspective,” Bob concludes. “I’ve noticed that when the pressure, stress, and anxiety-producing events of life come bearing down, it’s so easy to lose perspective. We can easily forget who we are, and whose we are! We are sons and daughters of the Most High, indwelt with the Spirit of the Lord to empower us for the living of these days and the accomplishing of God’s purpose for our lives. The truth is, once perspective is lost, so is the loss of passion, the forgetting of God’s promises, and the diminishing of his power within us…. I hope the book will be used by God to help individual believers and congregations alike to experience the joy rediscovering God’s calling and purpose.”

The following is a quote from one of the new chapters:

Seeking peace in troubled times is a worthwhile pursuit. It doesn’t come naturally, and those who drift along on the current of circumstances will seldom find peace at all. Yet, making conscious decisions to seek God’s guidance and to follow his ways in troubled times changes everything. We cannot anticipate what earth shattering or life changing tragedies may happen tomorrow. We cannot really plan the future, most of which is out of our control. But we can prepare for the future. We can prepare our hearts now by intentionally seeking Divine perspective in the midst of troubled times.”

Order your copy of the newly updated Rediscover the Passion, the Promise, the Power from Warner Christian Resources (formerly Warner Press) at or by calling 800-741-7721. Available as an immediate PDF download or paperback (print-on-demand; delayed shipping).

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