Partnership with Children of Promise Extends Trafficklight 2.0 Reach

 In All Church of God

By Paul Maxfield

Children of Promise is partnering with Church of God Ministries in Trafficklight 2.0 to prevent child trafficking for our Church of God children across the globe. We are praying that every congregation will engage in this effort through sponsoring children—which is the most effective way to protect our children and prevent their involvement in child trafficking. I want to share more helpful information as to why Children of Promise is engaging in Trafficklight. 2.0. It is urgent.

May we just get down to facts? Are you aware that 136 people are sold or kidnapped and forced into slavery every hour? That’s 1.2 million people per year. And that’s just the reported cases (statistics shared by Compassion International). Are you aware that most of these are children and most of them are sold repeatedly for sex?

Trafficking among children is a global problem affecting large numbers of victims. We are encountering more and more children and their families who are unaware of the dangers of trafficking, believing that better employment and lives are available in other countries. So, for a small amount of money, they ignorantly give a child over to people who promise a job for their child (who supposedly will send money home), and—as you can imagine—they never hear from the child again. Boys and girls. The children are taken across borders, are given new identification, and can be found all over the world being used and abused for someone’s gain.

We are focusing on stopping this scourge before it happens—–focusing on the fact that sponsorship offers children a trajectory of hope that is a huge deterrent to falling prey to trafficking. We are focusing specifically on:

Protection. The children we work with are so vulnerable. Many do not have stable adults who can protect them. Sponsorship provides protection through close relationships with local Christians in Church of God congregations. Children are monitored, cared for, educated, nurtured spiritually, given health care, mentored, and watched over.

Prevention. The sponsorship environment provides HOPE, which sets a positive path before children. Sponsors put a child on a path to a healthy, productive, and Christlike future.

Being proactive. Would you be that conduit of HOPE for a child who doesn’t know you, but needs you desperately? You can make an eternal difference in the life of a child by taking action today. Please don’t wait.

Partnering. By partnering with Children of Promise, you can be confident that the local church volunteers, guidelines, accountability, and resources all work together to put children on a path that will provide protection as well as a God-blessed future. You can have a part in that! Thank you for joining us in bringing hope to those in despair. Please consider how your church might help bring this hope to children who are waiting. God bless you!

There are two specific ways your church can be involved in this effort with Children of Promise:

Schedule a Children of Promise Sunday on February 18 to coincide with Freedom Sunday across the Church of God in North America. Why not use this opportunity to engage your church in sponsoring children? We have materials and resources available on our website. If February 18 does not work for your church, feel free to select any other Sunday in the year. We encourage a sponsorship Sunday on September 23 also, but you are free to schedule an emphasis on any Sunday you like. We’ll be glad to help you with that regardless of the date.

To take action now, visit Thank you!

Paul Maxfield is the executive director of Children of Promise.

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