Partnership Down Under: CHOG Organizations Come Together for a Cause

 In All Church of God, Global Strategy

By Bryan Hughes

Interdependence has always been part of the fiber of the Church of God. From the original concept of founder D.S. Warner, churches and ministries within the movement have enjoyed an autonomy not seen in other church organizations. Yet working together has been an equally vital part of the framework of the church.

Recently, both concepts have come together to accomplish great achievement halfway around the world. Global Missions, of Church of God Ministries, has forged a partnership with Indiana Ministries, the state Church of God organization, that allows the strengths of each individual organization to come together to bolster the church in New Zealand.

Bob Edwards, recently retired director for Global Missions, explains why this is a significant partnership. “What we (Global Missions) and Indiana Ministries are doing together with New Zealand is healthy,” Bob states. “Indiana Ministries wants to support what is happening with Global Missions already. They can bring strength to what is happening and receive strength from being involved.”

The realization of this partnership began some time ago with David Ravell in Australia, shared Doug Talley, of Indiana Ministries. There had already been a partnership with a church plant in Australia. Early last year Dave called Doug again to help with a church in transition in New Zealand. Chad and Diane Davenport were leaders in the New Zealand church through a commission with Global Missions. The partnership between Indiana Ministries and Global Missions proved natural.

“There was an immediate benefit in partnering with Global Missions,” said Doug. “Chad and Diane were moving forward with ministry, and this partnership allowed the church to immediately realize an interim.” This stability allows for Indiana Ministries to effectively provide evaluation for future growth and to provide coaching while the church searches for a long-term pastor.

With Jim Lyon as the new director of Church of God Ministries, changes continue to reveal God’s emerging direction for the church.

“We are seeing a shift in the involvement of our state organizations as they becoming more involved with missions,” Bob Edward shares. “We are eagerly awaiting the direction that Church of God Ministries is going with regard to international ministries.”

Both organizations are excited about the energy that is becoming apparent in this new chapter of the church, missions around the world, and state organizations in the United States.

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