In YMI Update

Held April 21–22, 2017, at Church at the Crossing

(Indianapolis, IN)

“We are one, we are one, we are ONE.” Who knew that 233 teenage students and their leaders could come together from all over, with different backgrounds, to worship our ONE God in perfect unison?

The event started out with a wonderful group of students from Anderson University leading a great evening of worship. Adam Rentas spoke on ONE mission for God. He showed us what that looks like from the Bible and how it applies to our lives today. The huge group then merged together into the gym for late-night group discussion and games. If you haven’t experienced over 200 rowdy students/adults playing one big group game, then you have missed out on some excitement! Running on little to no sleep, the energy again was high as the Hispanic Council (Concilio Hispano) led worship on Saturday morning. This was something I have never experienced before, and I was absolutely blown away! Humberto Mena spoke on how our unity together glorifies God. What a perfect message for a send-off to Gleaners Food Bank, where we served together, packing and sorting food. After two hours of hard work, we were treated with a wonderful lunch of Chick-fil-A. Tired, but still energized, we all made our way back to the church for the last session of the event. NIYC led us in an upbeat time of worship. The Lord was ever-so present. Tim Quainoo spoke on 1 Peter 4, with the theme of One Love, and how love enables us to live a life for God.

My favorite part of the weekend was serving at Gleaners Food Bank. We all were split up into different groups doing different tasks, but we were all serving towards one goal: serving God. My group specifically sifted through huge tubs of packaged food, fixing the broken packages and sending them on to get sorted into the appropriate tub the package belonged in. This simple act had such a greater meaning to me. We are all broken in some way, shape or form, but God fixes the broken and places them exactly where they need to be. It was a wonderful time laughing, working, and meeting new people.

The One Event was very successful indeed. I talked with many students as they were heading home, and they said it was no doubt their favorite event so far. It was for me as well. It was such a humbling experience to get to worship in different styles, yet still praising the same God.


Sierra Ratzlaff

Sierra Ratzlaff is an Anderson University student and staff intern serving at Church of God Ministries in preparation for IYC2018. Sierra can be reached during the school year at

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