Ohio Begins Search for New Director of State Ministries

 In All Church of God, Great Lakes


Dear Leaders in the Church of God,

Greetings from the state of Ohio and the Search Committee for the director of Ohio Ministries.

We want to inform you that the Search Committee for the new director of ministries for Ohio Ministries has begun meeting, prayerfully taking on the mission of replacing our current, retiring director of ministries, Dr. Randy Spence.

We are very thankful for the nine years Dr. Spence has spent pouring into pastors, churches, and ministries in Ohio. Truly he has been leading leaders, and for this we have all grown and benefitted.

The Search Committee will meet twice per month, with one monthly meeting at the state office and the other online.

If you know of a candidate that should be considered for this position, please send a recommendation to the Search Committee via Pastor Brad Lewis, chairperson of the Search Committee: brad@onelovechurch.org.

Also, if you sense a call to apply for this position, send your information, along with your résumé, to Pastor Brad Lewis.

In both instances, you will want to review the job description for the director of ministries. This is posted on the Ohio Ministries website: http://www.ohchog.org/ohiogeneralassembly/.

The FINAL date for receiving recommendations and resumes for the director of Ohio Ministries position is May 1, 2015. Please be sure that all recommendations for consideration and résumés have been submitted to the Search Committee by that date.

Please keep this process and the Search Committee in prayer, as this position is vital to the ongoing ministries in the state of Ohio. Pray that the right, God-chosen leader will fill this position. In Ohio, when it comes to excellent leadership, we have been blessed, are being blessed, and desire to continue to be blessed. Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer.

Trusting in Christ,

Dr. C. J. Plogger, Chair                                                    Pastor Brad Lewis, Chair
Ohio General Assembly of the Church of God       Search Committee

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