Oh, Baby! A Glimpse Inside the Home of a Young Missionary Family

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By Bryan Hughes

“No one told us that babies are hilarious!” exclaimed Jenny Mihsill. “The odd facial expressions, the loud bodily functions, the discovery of themselves and the things around them…”

Bobby and Jenny Mihsill are missionaries with Church of God Ministries and are the parents of infant son Moore. They will be serving in Côte d’Ivoire after attending language school in France, where they are currently enrolled.

Bobby is from India. This is his first missionary assignment, and Jenny is now serving for the second time. Navigating ministry and parenthood is something they admit to learning about as they go. “We may lean toward seeing ‘ministry’ and ‘family’ as two elements, but they are—and should be—integrated rather than mutually exclusive.”

However, being a missionary family is not always easy. There are many things to think about when it comes to bringing a child to the mission field. “There’s a whole other person to think about now!” they say. “His adjustments, his jet lag, and the new food and culture are things we need to be attentive to for him, in addition to our own adjustments.”Mihsills_Family_Photo_Permission_Granted_FORWEB

Often when missionaries begin serving, it can be difficult for the extended families who have to say goodbye. Bobby and Jenny have a unique and positive outlook about this. “We’re actually closer now to one set of grandparents, since they live in India.” Jenny estimates that they are now the same distance from each. “My family in the U.S. misses us, of course, but they have been preparing for some time for our move overseas and they are very supportive.”

Even with the challenges, Bobby and Jenny are excited about the opportunities for ministry, and for Moore, that come with being a missionary family. They are happy that Moore will be raised speaking three languages (French, English, and Khasi, the tribal language of Bobby’s home in India). “We also hope Moore will have a broad worldview because of his exposure to different cultures.”

These new parents know that God has provided their child as a blessing to their lives as a family. However, they also believe that God can use Moore as a way to help deliver the good news of Christ. “Children help open doors to connect with people on a different level,” Jenny shares. “I really want Moore to know that he is a missionary too, and an important part of who we as a family are called to be.”

Bobby and Jenny know that God has a plan for their son that is already being revealed in the softening of their own hearts. “The love we have for him gives us a glimpse of the love God has for us. Moore is a reminder of the trust that God has placed in us to be faithful to Him.”

Learn more about the Mihsills and the work of Global Missions missionaries at www.chogmissions.org.

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