New Youth Group Study Answers World Crisis

 In All Church of God, Youth Ministries


Turbulence around the globe can be especially troubling for teenagers, who wonder what the future holds for them. Terrorist attacks, troop deployments, economic downturns, and street violence could change their lives in the coming years, and some teens must deal with these troubles right now.

Surrounded by Trouble is a new thirteen-week elective study published by Warner Press to help teens answer these challenges with faith and hope. Written for middle-school and high-school students, the undated study can be used in groups of any size.

“It’s increasingly common for teenagers to avoid news broadcasts or newspapers because the news is so depressing,” says Joe Allison, editorial director of discipleship resources and curriculum at Warner Press. “But as Christians, we cannot ignore what’s happening, and young people cannot pretend these problems will be solved by the time they become adults.”

Surrounded by Trouble begins with the experience of Jeremiah, a young man through whom God spoke in a similar time of crisis. Other sessions consider how God encouraged Ezekiel, Job, and the apostle John when they faced personal disaster and social unrest. The book reveals that God may call us to make radical changes in our lives so we can meet such challenges with resilient faith.

“Young people face the same kinds of threats that the prophets faced,” Allison says, “and they can find hope by trusting in God as the prophets did.”

The book and a companion multimedia CD are available from Warner Press. Order online at or call toll-free 800-741-7721.

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