New Missionaries Elect: Tim and Josie Vickey

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Tim and Josie Vickey are newly appointed Special Assignment Missionaries (SAMs) by the Church of God to Malawi while Tammie Tregellas is on home assignment. They will assist with the building of the National Ministry Center of the Church of God and will participate in training of pastors and leaders. They will also visit and minister in local Church of God congregations to encourage the church. They will serve as Special Assignment Missionaries from October 2012 to July 2013.

Tim and Josie met when they worked in Iglesia de Dios Church of God in Corpus Christi, TX and were married on August 1, 1987. Later they were involved with the East Ashman Church of God in Midland, MI where they participated in missionary trips to Central America. They began to sense God’s call and pursued their education in ministry, graduating from Anderson University School of Theology. They accepted the pastorate position at Aina Haina Church of God in Honolulu, HI. They have been serving the indigenous Polynesian people for the past ten years. They have a passion to minister to diverse cultures in any setting.

If you would like to support the Vickeys, please contact Debbie Taylor, Living Link Administrator, at or (800-848-2464, ext. 2129. If you would like to have a visit from Tim and Josie, please call Peggy Beverly, Itineration Administrator, at (800) 848-2464, ext 2199 or email her,

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