National Bible Quiz Boosts Discipleship across Barbados

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By Carl Stagner

Amid survey results and statistics that seem to indicate knowledge of the Bible is on the decline, the Church of God in Barbados is swimming upstream. Discipleship is a core value for the congregations across the eastern Caribbean island, including Silver Sands Church of God, where Lennox Boyce (national leader) serves as local pastor. Reflecting back on their track record of recent success among their students competing in the annual National Bible Quiz, Pastor Lennox Boyce is blessed to see the fruit of diligent and disciplined Bible study.

Organized by the national Christian Education Board of the Church of God in Barbados, the National Bible Quiz coordinates the work of the Movement’s Sunday school programs in Barbados. Other activities and events take place regularly because of the board’s service, including a special National Children’s Day service and church athletics. Silver Sands Church of God has participated in the National Bible Quiz every time it has been held.

Children compete according to their appropriate age brackets—ages four to six, seven to ten, and so on, up to age sixteen. Students meet with teachers for a few weeks prior to the event and run through possible questions and answers. This year’s area of focus, given in advance, were the books of 1 and 2 Timothy. Though the Silver Sands team didn’t win this year, they did come in a strong third place. That’s enough to bless their pastor.

Silver Sands students after early successes in this year’s competition.

“We were the winners of the previous quiz,” Pastor Lennox Boyce recalls. “The Chelsea Road Church of God emerged as winners [this year]. I feel happy that our children are studying and preparing for the Bible Quiz. Sunday school teachers work with them to help them to be ready for the competition. It’s a team effort.”

It all comes down to discipleship for Silver Sands Church of God and the Church of God in Barbados. Boyce insists that Bible knowledge is a key indicator of discipleship, as well as a path to spiritual growth. Sometimes, we don’t go deep when we really could, and should, strive for more.

“I think that as contemporary Christians,” he concludes, “we have missed the mark on discipleship. The Jesus-model of making disciples does not seem to be dear to us. We seem to think that saying the ‘sinner’s prayer’ and attending church is enough. We have been trying to do better but it’s a work in progress. The Great Commission is still ‘to make disciples of all nations….’”

Indeed, it is. Praise the Lord for the ministry of the Church of God in Barbados!

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