Natalie Grant to Open Convention 2019 Amid Great Anticipation

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Natalie Grant

By Carl Stagner

One of the biggest names in Christian music today is about to lead the Church of God in an inspirational evening of worship, and anticipation is on the rise. Natalie Grant, who has brought to the radio and Sunday morning worship services numerous hits, such as “In Better Hands,” “The Greatness of Our God,” “Your Great Name,” “Be One,” “Clean,” and “More Than Anything,” will take the platform at the Orlando World Center Marriott on Thursday, June 27, at 7:15 PM. Her debut Church of God Convention appearance is especially meaningful for many who have already been touched by her compelling songs and uniquely personal fan engagement. It is equally meaningful for those who have only observed the authenticity behind her powerhouse vocals, both in concert settings and through her involvement on a variety missional fronts, including the fight against trafficking. While her seven Grammy nominations and $4 million in career sales are certainly impressive, it’s her heartbeat for Jesus and the desire to be his hands and feet that make the Church of God especially blessed to welcome Natalie Grant into our midst.

Widespread popularity has given Natalie Grant a platform for advocacy, and she’s not been afraid to use it. Since 2005, long before much of the church culture and beyond enlisted in the fight against human trafficking, Natalie Grant was on the battlefield. As the co-founder of Hope for Justice, Int’l., she has made it possible for those on the front lines to identify and rescue victims. But the ministry’s work doesn’t stop there; it takes the fight a step farther by providing victims with complete restorative care. Twenty locations in ten countries, representing four continents, now bear the healing mark of Hope for Justice.

Natalie Grant’s vocals are soaring and her lyrics compelling.

Natalie’s portfolio is about as diverse as it can get for a Christian artist. She’s also got a knack for writing and, through her gift, reaches tween girls. Glimmer Girls is the title of a series of books targeting, and encouraging, girls in one of their most critical stages of emotional and spiritual development.

Add to that, Natalie also manages a successful fashion and jewelry line, NG by Natalie Grant.

So, how does she do it? Several months on the road with her band, writing books, managing a fashion business, championing social justice, and keeping up with her fans combine as a recipe for burnout. She’s also a wife, and mother of three! But Natalie’s time is carefully guarded. A visit to her website,, reveals a tour schedule that doesn’t offer any concert dates until August 23. Natalie Grant not only keeps rhythm on stage, but has also found a rhythm of rest off stage.

Natalie’s time with her family is precious and guarded.

Jesus is clearly the subject for this featured artist of Convention 2019 and General Assembly. “Jesus, worthy is the Lamb that was slain for us…all the world will praise Your great name,” Natalie sings. “Help me want you, Jesus, more than anything,” she cries out. To #JesusB, she echoes the following: “We can be the change, we can be the hope, we can be the arms that don’t let go, we can be a light in the dark…why sit around and wait for a miracle to come when we can be one?”

Yes, we think she’ll fit in just fine.

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