Movement Gains Insight from SoCal Pastor’s Interview on Social Media and the Gospel

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By Carl Stagner

Whether Mark Zuckerberg’s your man, Jack Dorsey or Elon Musk your hero, or you sorely miss “Tom,” you know these guys have surely made a name for themselves in reimagining how people connect and communicate. The prominent social network CEOs may not have had the gospel in mind when they drew up plans for likes, shares, and reels, but churches everywhere have certainly discovered an open door for the message of Jesus through social media. In fact, many will argue that to completely ignore the platform of social media is to overlook remarkable ministry potential and reach. Casey Graves, church planter and pastor of The Refinery Church in Temecula, California, was recently asked to sit down for an interview with a prominent parachurch organization to discuss the topic of social media and the gospel.

Having served on staff at the influential Vancouver Church in Washington State, Casey has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience with successful ministry practices. In September 2022, the dream God had planted in the hearts of Casey and his wife Aimee became reality when The Refinery officially opened for business. With a salvation count surpassing one hundred and an average attendance of over two hundred, The Refinery Church’s success is, in part, attributed to a robust—and strategic—social media presence.

Pastor Casey Graves

“We had 250 people at church on Sunday,” Pastor Casey said in a video clip of the interview, featured on Christian Coaching Tools. “I’m willing to bet 80 percent of them first found out about us online.” Casey’s intriguing assertion begs for more detail; his interview with Christian Coaching Tools offers the deeper dive pastors and church leaders need to take their social media strategy to the next level.

Read (including some video content to watch) the article based on Pastor Casey’s insights here.

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