Monsoon Threat Persists as Flooding Devastates Parts of Pakistan

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Weather’s wrath has wreaked havoc across much of Pakistan this summer, leaving the public reeling and the Church of God there scrambling to respond. Monsoon rains are nothing new to the Pakistani people, but this year’s shift in winds has brought incessant deluges to places not designed to channel water away from structures and city centers. So far, over 33 million Pakistanis have been affected by the flooding and over 1,500 people have lost their lives in 6 provinces of Pakistan.

In Karachi, home of the national Church of God administration, Rev. Dr. Samuel George saw the water rise inside his church to five-and-a-half feet. The damage this caused was exacerbated by the overflow of sewage. Money has already been sent from Church of God Ministries Disaster Relief fund for cleanup and repair, with planning underway for a better drainage system for the property.

September floods in remote village.

But the flooding continues, and partnership with the Church of God in Pakistan is ongoing to work with four villages in the province of Sindh. This province, three hours north of Karachi, is heavily Muslim and Hindu, but the Church of God has had a presence in two villages for the last six years. And, the local church has just expanded into two other villages where the damage was also severe.

The BBC World Service reports that many of the villages in the Sindh Province are “half underwater,” and 58,000-plus homes and over 400 lives have been lost as of the writing of this article. Partnership with the local church will help them rebuild, sharing the gospel as they work and provide relief supplies.

July 2022 flooding in Karachi.

The Church of God in Pakistan is taking offerings and purchasing supplies for these villagers. The Church of God in the United States and Canada is partnering with them to bring emergency food, water, and additional provisions for relief amid unimaginable loss.

In the short term, a gift of $15 equips the local Church in Pakistan to purchase and distribute enough food and water to sustain 1 family for 10 days. This is just the beginning, as Disaster Relief is preparing to engage for the long term to share Jesus’ love and compassion to these four Hindu-majority villages. To further equip the local church to respond to hurting families and communities, donations can be made to Church of God Ministries Disaster Relief. One hundred percent of your donation goes to providing help to those suffering.

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