Monday Evening Emphasis on Missions

 In All Church of God, Global Gathering, Global Strategy


By Kathi Sellers

The presence of the Lord was palpable. We experienced a visitation of the Lord. The veil of heaven was drawn back as we worshiped and glorified God. Worship leader Luciana Schulle lead us into the throne room of almighty God as worship flowed in German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Swahili and English.

When Mailesi Ndao, of Zambia, stepped to the pulpit, we heard a powerful anointed word from the Lord that called us to renew our mission of evangelism and authentic discipleship. She challenged us to fervent discipleship that changes lives, communities, and countries. She called us to give of our best in discipling our children for a new generation of believers that will once again turn the world upside down by the power and authority of Jesus Christ.

There was joy and celebration as we received prayer requests from our brothers who represented nations from which the Church of God is presently sending out missionaries: Souukalo Minsin, Côte d’Ivoire; Edmund Leung, Hong Kong; Lenworth Anglin, Jamaica; Kelley Philips, Germany; Amos Moore, Meghalaya, India; Neville Tan, Singapore; Roger Lwo, Taiwan; and Moses Abasoola, Uganda.

New missionaries from North America—Ryan and Rebecca Hodges (Kenya); CarolAnn North (Yap, Micronesia); Lisa Ellison (Japan); Ruben Schwieger (Kenya); and Dwayne, Kara, Manning, Brennan, Abigail and Zachery Goldman (Australia)—voiced their prayer requests and moved into the congregation with their international brothers so the congregation could pray for them.

Alan Lwo, of Central Asia; Daniel N’Goran, of Côte d’Ivoire; Delia Rodríquez, of Ecuador; and Bob Edwards, of the United States, each voiced prayer in their native language. The beauty of the prayers and the concluding song captured the spirit of the evening. “How great is our God!” What a foretaste of what God has for the Church of God in the days ahead as we stand together to serve our God and glorify his name.

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