PASS CREEK FACILITIES – ALLEN, SD – Project #43.44350 
Working with the growing congregation of Pass Creek Church of God in Allen, SD, Tim and Kim Wardell are excited about a new opportunity to prepare the church for the future.


The Pass Creek Housing and Shelter Facilities project will provide two important functions for the community. One, it will provide much needed housing for current and future missionaries and, eventually, for a full-time pastor for the Pass Creek Church of God. Two, it will provide underground storm shelter for the staff, church attendees, and visiting missions teams during frequent tornado watches and warnings.


The multi-use, parsonage facility will allow for current and future ministry opportunities that are not possible with their current facilities. (The total project goal over three years is $187,058. The annual goal is $62,350.)

UGANDA LEADERSHIP FOCUS – Project #42.30629 
Uganda is investing in their leaders through the 6-module, group-based Leadership Focus (LF) pilot project to train, inspire, and prepare leaders in Uganda. Burgeoning leaders will learn the theology of the Church of God, the integrity and ethics of godly leadership, and prepare and plan for an effective future as a 21st century leader in Uganda, Africa, and the world. The results of this pilot will help determine best-practices in utilizing this material in more countries in Africa as well as other international opportunities. (The total projected cost is $50,000 over three years.)

Uganda and Congo Sustainability provides funds for endeavors that create and promote the sustainability of the Church of God in Uganda and Congo. Sustainability is approached from six programs for local impact.

In recent years, the Rwandan government has focused heavily on development through many sectors of society. As a part of the governmental development plan, churches must comply with building and community development standards as well as pastoral credentialing. This project will enable a local congregation to meet requirements through providing a suitable building, pastoral development, and micro-enterprise training and loans to build up the congregation’s sustainable economic capacity. (The annual project goal is $50,000-$60,000 per church)

MULTIPLY MADRID – Project #42.30510 
Spain is one of the most challenging environments for the evangelical church – mostly due to its complicated religious history as well as its current secular/post-Christendom mind-set. With this in mind, the goal is to start a ministry in Madrid, Spain that will, within five years, be fully functioning and self-propagating. The long-term goal is for this church/ministry to serve as the launch pad for further ministry throughout Spain. (Annual Goal: $44,100)

3W ITALY EXPANSION – Project #42.40530 
This project will assist the Church of God in Italy as it seeks to plant churches and expand its presence beyond Rome into at least five provinces of Italy. Funds will assist church plants, youth programs, evangelism, and inter-connectivity. (Annual Goal: $10,000)

The Church of God in northern Brazil has planted, on average, one new church each year for the past decade. The project will provide opportunities for students from the Boa Terra Institute to take their first steps in planting new churches in the Amazon area and develop their leadership and ministry skills with special emphasis on personal character mentoring under the supervision of other experienced leaders. They will lay the foundations of new churches in five Brazilian states where the Church of God is not yet present. (Annual Goal: $28,800)

CHURCH REPRODUCTION – Project #34.33405 
There are numerous opportunities to support congregations in need of redevelopment and revitalization.  We partner with state and regional organizations to help those who are willing to take the necessary steps for growth. (Annual Goal: $150,000)


Led by Dorothy Colney, fifteen pastors, teachers, and evangelists work in Myanmar. Pastors receive $100 each month; evangelists and teachers receive $70 each month. (Annual Goal: $10,000)


Sri Lanka Ministry Sustainability provides funds for endeavors that create and promote the sustainability of the Church of God in Sri Lanka. Sustainability in Sri Lanka is approached from six angles from pastoral financial sustainability to local impact. (Annual Goal: $40,000)

SRI LANKA: 3 DECADES 3 CHURCHES – Project #42.40451


Building churches, building leaders. Funds provide assistance for established congregations and newer church plants; for leadership development through conferences, resources, and continuing education; for children and youth camps; and for administrative expenses for the national assembly.  (Annual Goal: $28,500)

BIRKENHEAD CHURCH OF GOD – Project #42.40529

Birkenhead Church of God is fostering community through local outreach and maximizing their non-traditional building in a post-Christendom area. Funds provide assistance for the established church to seek opportunities to reach their neighborhood, for leadership development, and resources; for children and youth camps.


CBH Language Broadcast (Annual Goal: $112,000)


Every other year the leaders of the various countries and assemblies of the Church of God in Asia and the Pacific come together for leadership meetings and a time of fellowship. There is a general conference, a women’s conference and an emerging leaders conference. This project provides assistance for airfare, rooms, and conference rooms. (The total project cost is $9,800)

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