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January 2, 2013

Dear Friends,

The Succession Committee has been working diligently the last few months since the close of the applications for the position of General Director, and I want to start 2013 off by sending you an update. We thank you for your prayers during this process and want you to be informed so you can pray more specifically these next few months.

The period for recommendations and applications closed on November 1, 2012. More than 90 recommendations were sent to the designated website. Additionally, Church of God Ministries and I received another 12-15 recommendations. Forty-seven different people were recommended, and three people also chose to send in applications without recommendations. Males and females, Caucasian and African American persons, ordained ministers and lay leaders were recommended. As we had planned, each person that was recommended received an e-mail from me with an invitation to apply for the position. I personally called many of those who did not respond to an invitation. We made every effort to assure each recommended person that we were eager to receive his or her application and resume.

We looked at each application, and after a designated time of prayer and review of each application, we met to determine the persons we would invite to proceed further in this process. We conducted our conference-call interviews with each potential candidate, and after another week of prayer, the Succession Committee met to decide the ones with whom we wanted to continue.

These persons are now in the evaluation process. Our consultants at Sima International have conducted a battery of assessments. The procedure specifically dictates that they use the results of the survey and focus group research done within the Church of God during this last spring and summer as they help us to understand each candidate. We are looking for a person that most positively correlates with our determined needs for the future General Director in light of the research that was done with the Church of God.

In late January, the Succession Committee will continue the process with face-to-face interviews with the finalists. Our consultant will be present, helping us see the benefits and challenges of each candidate. If God is willing, at the March Ministries Council meeting, we will present a candidate for the Council’s approval for presentation to the General Assembly in June 2013.

In accordance with the action of the Ministries Council in September 2012, a transition team was also created to facilitate a smooth and orderly transition. Dr. Ronald Fowler is the chairperson of this team, which will be working with the Succession Committee. The other members of this committee are Rev. David Winn, Dr. Donald Johnson, Ms. Loretta Cooper, and Rev. Robert Dulin.

The Succession Committee has strongly felt the prayerful support of the Church of God. We ask that you continue to pray with us that God will give us wisdom in this next phase of the search. We truly want God’s designated person to be identified.

I hope this information has been helpful in giving you direction as you pray. It is our goal to keep you informed even as we closely guard the confidentiality of the process, for the sake of all involved. God bless each one of you. I am excited about God’s plans for the Church of God as we step into this year! God’s plans for us are bigger than anything we can imagine!

Sincerely with God’s love,
Rev. Rebecca New-Edson
Chairperson, Succession Committee for the Church of God

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