Ministries Council Meets at Mid-America

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The Ministries Council of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana), visited Oklahoma City last week. The Council, which is one of the bodies providing leadership for the Church of God movement, met on the beautiful grounds of Crossings Community Church pastored by Rev. Marty Grubbs.Thursday, September 19, 2013, the Ministries Council also took the time to receive guided tours of the Mid-America Christian University (MACU) north location and main campus. MACU is an endorsed agency of the Church of God movement.

Thursday evening, MACU MACUs_Dr_Kim_Thomas_visits_with_Ministries_Council_FORWEBhosted the Council for a delicious dinner and time of fellowship. President John Fozard welcomed the group to Mid-America and shared some of the most recent developments happening on campus including the near completion of Kennedy Hall classroom building (being constructed debt free) and the school’s recovery from May’s rash of devastating storms. He also shared about the exciting beta class launch of the Bethel Series Online, which will take place in October.

The Ministries Council expressed their gratitude for the school tours and meal then departed again for Crossings Church and a late-evening session of meetings and discussions on behalf of the Church of God.

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