Men’s Ministries Extend Tacoma Church’s Reach, Enhance Discipleship

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By Carl Stagner

They’re showing up, and they’re stepping up to the plate. Even the name over the door, Brotherhood Church of God, suggests a familial orientation toward outreach and discipleship. The Tacoma congregation has found an effective approach toward collective spiritual growth, and it’s intentionally targeted. The monthly men’s breakfast, for instance, routinely attracts guys young and older, new to the faith and spiritually seasoned, all to the table to nourish both body and soul.

Every fourth Saturday of the month, the festive feast invites men to kick back, chow down, and look up. A brief devotion is given, a selected speaker provides the spiritual meat, and fellowship follows. The men’s breakfast isn’t an isolated investment in the men of the church and community, though; men’s group discussion takes place every Monday. Currently, the group is making their way through Kingdom Men Rising by prolific preacher and author Tony Evans.

Pastor Lincoln M. Williams Jr. reflects on the success of the targeted approach: “What makes our breakfast well-attended is a leadership who has an (a) heart for men; (b) who is intentional in building a relationship with other brothers; and (c) who has a heart of mentorship, care, and a true burden to lead other men towards spiritual growth.”

Why go out of their way to appeal to the hungry sensibilities of half the population? “The motivation towards these events is a surrendered heart to help men to understand the importance of progressively learning to live all of his life under the lordship of Jesus Christ,” Pastor Lincoln explains, “and then have a desire or seek to replicate that process to others. God is waiting for men to step up as men of faith and walk as men of authority in God’s divine plan/purpose.”

But it’s not just men who get special attention, and it’s not just men who know how to feast and fellowship. Brotherhood Church of God enjoys a women’s breakfast every second Saturday of the month, paired with a weekly book study on Tuesdays. One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp is the current curriculum of choice.

“I can sincerely say,” Pastor Lincoln concludes,” that intentionality, prayer, God’s favor, and focusing more on relationship with God and each other rather, than religion, has helped our ministry flourish.”

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