May the Bridges I Study Today Light the Way for a Better Tomorrow!

 In All Church of God

By Audrey Kletscher Helbling

Bridges span, connect, link, in the literal sense over water, roadways and more. We can all visualize those physical bridges. But bridges are so much more. They also connect people, link past to present, tie words and actions…

Connections focus a revamped adult curriculum from Warner Press aptly titled “Bridges—Connecting God’s Word to Life.” With a defined format that takes students through a step-by-step process of bible background, practical connections, study of specific Bible verses (with explanations), applications, and then living out those lessons, Bridges spans, connects and links.

The format of connect, study, apply, live is drawing positive responses from class leaders. “Curriculum is very good, easy to understand and teach so others understand God’s Word and direction,” says Shirley Patrick of Oakland Church of God in Pennsylvania.

Others echo her appreciation for the easy, yet in-depth, practical, applicable information that prompts students to stretch their thinking. Says Cindi Fox of Pleasant Valley Community Church in Indiana, “I enjoy these lessons that are packed with extra thoughts and choices at the end….”

Pyndora Jones from First Church of God in Texas agrees: “The explaining of each verse in the lessons is invaluable. Without the explanation in many cases I would be uncertain. The Application to Life Sessions is extremely helpful.”

In a study of Genesis 8 and 9, for example, the focus is on God’s covenant shown in a visual way to Noah and his family through a rainbow. To this day, the rainbow reminds us of God’s faithfulness, of his promise to never destroy the world via an all-encompassing flood. But there’s more. A rainbow also represents God’s faithfulness in the challenges of life. That assurance of God’s presence provides comfort and hope through even the most difficult of days, a promise reinforced in the Bridges study.

It is that type of discussion which Bridges elicits. God’s rainbow covenant bridges time—from the time of the great flood to today. Scripture remains current and relevant. And covenants, while perhaps not a word choice we would use today, exist in many aspects of our lives from home mortgages to credit cards to a simple agreement to teach adults more about God through Bible study.

Class leader Dave Houze Jr. of 8th Ave Church of God in Mississippi finds himself using and reusing Bridges materials, often referring back to previous units as he teaches. Accompanying Pathways devotionals, also published by Warner Press, reinforce the Bridges curriculum.

Bridges covers all major themes of the Bible through a course spanning years. For example, current and forthcoming studies address creation, respect, love, trust, discipleship, ministry and more based on selected scripture from Genesis, Matthew, Romans and numerous Bible books in between. Participants will not only read and study Scripture, but they will also come away with insights on applying God’s Word to their everyday lives.

Therein lie the strengths of Bridges. This curriculum, like physical bridges, spans, connects, and links participants to God and his Word. It also links individuals in faith, fellowship, and friendship with those brothers and sisters in Christ who join in studying Scripture. Bridges builds bridges.

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