MACU Sports Teams Receive Historic Recognition

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Celebration is underway at Mid-America Christian University after a historic first for the Church of God school in Oklahoma City. Every sports team, without exception, achieved academic honor roll from the Sooner Athletic Conference and National Christian College Athletic Association. Fresh attention and acclaim surrounds MACU’s athletes, known as the Evangels, who have proven themselves not only in their extracurriculars, but also their studies.

John Fozard, president of MACU, beams with holy pride for the students. “Have you ever heard someone say of a school’s sports programs, ‘Well, the reality is that these athletes come mainly to play sports and really don’t have a primary goal to achieve a college degree’? Unfortunately, we have seen universities who are, in reality, ‘sports programs masquerading as academic institutions!’ That criticism cannot be leveled at Mid-America Christian University,” he writes.

Expounding upon the significance of the achievement, President Fozard identifies the norms. “To have one or two teams honored has become an annual expectation,” he continues, “but to have all seven programs is really unheard of in college sports. This is a great validation to athletic director Marcus Moeller’s leadership and all of our coaches’ recruitment!”

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