MACU President John Fozard Invites You to Revolutionize Your Understanding of God’s Word—Online!

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Without a doubt, the Bethel Bible Series provides one of the most comprehensive overviews of the God’s Word for pastors, Sunday school teachers, and laypersons. More than a million church members—and forty-seven Christian denominations—have participated in this life-changing course since it was launched fifty years ago.

An Exciting New Development

Now, Mid-America Christian University (MACU) president John Fozard is delighted to announce that the university is partnering with the Bethel Bible ministry to bring the renowned Bethel Bible course online—and you are invited to be part of the beta testing class! A veteran instructor of the Bethel Bible Series, Dr. Fozard will personally teach the online course and help revolutionize your knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. As a member of the beta class, your feedback and insights will be invaluable to shaping the future of this dynamic course!

Who Should Take the Bethel Bible Online Course?

That’s easy! Anyone who wants to gain a deeper, more meaningful, and life-transforming understanding of God’s Word will benefit from this course, including:

•    pastors and pastoral staff,
•    Sunday school teachers,
•    Bible study leaders,
•    Christian counselors, and
•    anyone who desires deeper theological education.

As Dr. Fozard says, “Whether you have a little background in God’s Word or a great deal, when you complete the Bethel course you will have a greater understanding of the Scriptures than most seminary graduates.”

A Brief Description of Bethel Bible Series Online Course

From the first lesson, the Bethel Series begins to acquaint you with the narratives of the Old and New Testaments, and presents the themes of the Scriptures in the clearest, most systematic manner possible. Soon you’ll begin to see the interrelationship of themes, events, and concepts within God’s Word and gain a vital new appreciation for how each part of the Scriptures relates to the whole and vice versa!

The Bethel Series Online will equip you to

•    Comprehend the major themes that run throughout the Old and New Testaments by drawing together biblical stories and passages that otherwise seem disjointed.
•     Understand the radical differences between Hebrew thought and Western thought that affect how we view the Bible and its content.
•     See the various parts of biblical messages in direct relationship to their historical context.
•     Interpret the Scriptures in their relationship to the whole of God’s revelation and not in isolation.

An investment of time—a lifetime of rewards!

Every course of this nature requires a commitment and investment of your time. But the rewards will follow you the rest of your life. You should plan on committing five to six hours of Scripture reading each week. Some students do the Bible reading assignments as part of their devotional times. The course also includes digital Concept Memory Flashcards that you can review on your smart phone, computer, or tablet! The more you apply yourself, the more you’ll receive!

Class begins October 15, 2013, and will require participation in:

•    21 weeks of Old Testament—fall and spring semesters
(October through April 2014 with a Christmas break)
•    21 weeks of New Testament—fall and spring semesters

Course Costs and Fees

Certificate Program Costs
$100 per semester
Choice of $25 electronic text OR $50 hardcopy text (plus s/h)
$9.00 (plus s/h)—additional course textbook through
(Certificate granted upon satisfactory completion.)

MACU Undergraduate College Credit
Old Testament—$945 for Old Testament (Two semesters /6 hrs. credit)
New Testament–$945 for New Testament (Two semesters /6 hrs. credit)
Choice of $25 electronic text OR $50 hardcopy text (plus s/h)
$9.00 (plus s/h)—additional course textbook through
(Some administrative fees may apply.)

Revolutionize Your Understanding of God’s Word through the Bethel Bible Series Online!

The size of the class is limited, so reserve your space now and pay later!


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