Become a LifeGiver

An inspirational program designed to help you abide in the Giver of Life for rest, healing, renewal, and inspiration…and gain tools to help you give life to your congregation and community.


The team that brought you Leadership Focus has joined hands with leaders and coaches across the nation to offer curriculum and encouragement designed to help you receive, and give, Life.


Complete each cell online with cluster meetings that fit your schedule.

Sign up for one, multiple, or all.

Introductory Individual Registration $75, 5 registrations from the same congregation $300


We are offering 11 training cells to help assist and equip people for ministry.
Each cell lasts from 4-6 weeks.

Session 1: January 21 – March 4

Register by December 14, 2018

A pre-session webinar will be held during the week of January 7. Cell participants and coaches will establish the cell meeting times.


Session 2: February 8 – April 1

Register by January 31, 2019

A pre-session webinar will be held during the week of February 11. Cell participants and coaches will establish the cell meeting times.

Cell 101: Unlocking your Leadership Potential

Have you tried new ways and processes but keep bumping into the same results?  Have you noticed that there are some key leadership skills that keep tripping you up? Have you wondered why someone else seems able to get the results from a team or from people that don’t work for you?  Understanding your personality profile and how God hard wired you will open new windows of understanding and help raise the lids limiting your leadership.



Cell 102: Theology for Challenging Times – Understanding the Basic Essentials of Wesleyan Holiness Theology
Do you wish that you could explain more clearly what you believe and why you believe that?  Do you understand how what you believe about the security of your salvation?  Can you clearly articulate the relevance of holiness for daily living?  This study of core beliefs of Wesleyan Armenian Holiness principles will equip you for a clear understanding of the practical applications of salvation, baptism, and sanctification.



Cell 103: Leadership Competencies

Have you tried the church growth courses and books and found out they don’t work for you?  Have you wondered why visitors don’t return or stay?  Would you be willing to authentically examine where you church is at and what competencies might help to get it growing and going again?  This study is for you!  We will look at church lifecycles, change management, conflict resolution and team building.



Cell 104: Theology for Challenging Times – Exploring Key Theological Beliefs in the Church of God

Would you like to understand more about the theological traditions that have shaped what we believe in the Church of God? Do you know why we support women in ministry? Have you ever tried to explain what we believe about the gifts of the Holy Spirit? This study will walk through the various doctrines that our forefathers held to and taught.



Cell 105: Making Disciples in Uncertain Times

How do you help new people in your congregation or new to Christ put down strong roots and gain clear understanding of how to grow in their relationship with the church and with Christ? Would you like to discover some effective ways to equip your congregation with spiritual growth tools? Join us as we explore several effective tools for helping all people know more about their faith and grow in their walk with Christ.



Cell 106: Developing Your Coaching Skills (Prerequisite: Cell 101)

Would you like to get involved in coaching others as they journey through the ordination process or perhaps you would be willing to coach a pastor wanting to go to the next level? Maybe you have a passion and knowledge or experience for coaching in the area of theology or ministerial competencies. This study is designed to equip you with best coaching practices and tools and connect you with the growing coaching opportunities in the Church of God. ** Please note: you must take Module 1 prior to taking this module.



Cell 107: Welcome to the Church of God

Are you new to the Church of God? Have you been attending a Church of God congregation for a long time, but you would like to know about the history and heritage of the movement? Have you wondered where some of our quirkiness comes from or why we do somethings certain ways? Would you like to understand how local churches, state ministries and national offices all work together for global impact? This study will be a fun, interesting and informative journey of where we have come from, what influenced us, where we are now and the vision of where we are headed.



Cell 108: Effectively Reaching your Community

Have you tried passing out water bottles with the church name on, wearing t-shirts with your logo on it while you work in your community? Have you tried the outreach programs and not seen them bring anyone to the church? Are you willing to really explore what your church has to offer your community to connect them to the love of God? This study is designed to help each congregation find their own specific DNA and understand the dynamics of the community around you. The outcome of this study will be for your leaders to create a specific strategy of outreach and apply for grant money from Church of God Ministries to implement that strategy. Highly Recommended the pastor and at least 3 to 4 leaders from that church should attend this module together. Group fees can be arranged.



Cell 109: World Religions and the Scriptures

Do you have Muslim neighbors or Hindu co-workers? Most people in America today find they live next door to people of other faith groups or no faith at all. Do you know how to share Christ with your Muslim or Jewish neighbors or do you think religion is a personal matter and shouldn’t be discussed? Would you like to know how to have a conversation about spiritual matters with people who have a different faith than you do? This study will help us to understand the major religions of the world and how they differ from Christianity and how we can share our faith in effective and meaningful ways.



Cell 110: Spiritual Formation

Have you often wondered how to grow stronger spiritually? Do you struggle to read the scripture and have it be meaningful to you? Would you like to know more about spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, silence, reflection? This study is meant to help each person explore how they can grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and find that growth empowering.



Cell 111: Systems and Processes: “The Little Foxes That Spoil the Vines”

Have you noticed that good ideas in your church get lost? Have you showed up for a meeting at the church only to find out someone else is already occupying the same space you planned to use? Have you ever wondered what you’re supposed to do with all those registration cards from your outreach last fall? Do people leave your church and nobody notices for 3 weeks? How do you follow up with visitors to ensure the greatest possibility for a second visit? This study will help you to evaluate the “systems and process” that will help empower and protect the various ministries and administrative issues of your church.



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