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In sharp contrast to the culture of the world and the design of the enemy of our souls, Jesus boldly proclaims, “My purpose is to give life in all its fullness” (John 10:10 TLB). If ever good news was announced, this was good news! Pastors and lay leaders across the Church of God have expressed a perceived need to find additional avenues of quality training and equipping so that they can continue to experience the fullness of life that Christ has come to give, not just for themselves, but so that they, too, can be part of GIVING LIFE to their communities!

Building on the transformation that Leadership Focus is providing for emerging leaders seeking ordination in the Church of God, in January 2019 over a dozen LifeGiver cells were offered at low cost and were easily available across the nation online. More than sixty people from about nineteen different states responded by signing up for the first two pilot sessions of LifeGivers.

Here are just a few of the testimonies and results of those early cells:


“I’m so excited, I used what I learned in my LifeGiver cell about making disciples and God used me to lead a young couple to Christ this week.”

“I no longer see myself just teaching a Sunday school lesson. Now I realize that I am called to make disciples!”

“Because of what I learned in my LifeGiver cell, I have started a Bible study for my neighbors who are not yet born again. I am so excited!”


In addition, one of the LifeGiver cells, which focused on “Effective Ways to Reach Your Community for Christ,” invited all participants to really stretch and grow in what they were learning and putting into practice by spending time with their pastor and other church leaders to develop a strategic outreach effort. They were to write a detailed proposal for a $1,000 grant to be awarded by Church of God Ministries. A leader from Generations of Grace Church in Lebanon, Tennessee, and a leader from North 17th Street Church of God in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, both took on the challenge and wrote amazingly strategic and vital proposals on how their congregation could impact their neighborhoods. Each congregation is receiving a $1,000 grant from Church of God Ministries as they partner to be LifeGivers in their communities.

There has been such a strong and affirmative response to the first few LifeGiver cells we offered from January through April that we are expanding this powerful new ministry to continue finding ways to help regional pastors, congregational pastors, and lay leaders receive LIFE from Christ and partner with him in new and growing ways to be LifeGivers.

To fulfill that goal and develop a strong and robust LifeGivers ministry, Pastors Thom and Melissa Pratt, of Teays Valley Church of God in Scott Depot, West Virginia, will be joining the LifeGivers team, giving leadership and vision to this rapidly growing emphasis. They will continue their excellent leadership in the state ministry and church while putting their experience, expertise, and gifts to work for the church at large through LifeGivers. “We are so excited about this God opportunity,” they reflect. “We are honored to be trusted with this role and are eagerly looking forward to seeing what God does as we partner together to be LifeGivers!”

Thom and Melissa will be available June 26–30 at Convention 2019 and General Assembly in Orlando, Florida, to speak with you about how YOU can become a LifeGiver! For more information about how to become part of the growing move of LifeGivers partnering together for kingdom expansion, please visit


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