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For the first time, a Leadership Focus-style opportunity has been extended beyond ministerial candidates. Leadership Focus was designed to come alongside Credential Committees and provide a unified and consistent training program for men and women who have received and accepted a call to ministry and want to seek credentials in the Church of God. Now a new program—LifeGivers—opens the door for any servant of God to further develop into the leaders he has made them. For the pastor who was ordained thirty years ago but desires to retool and invest in finishing well, for layperson looking for encouragement and tools to give life, or for the board member who wants to bring some ideas to the local church to help the congregation give life together—LifeGivers is the accessible and affordable Church of God solution.

lifegivers-imageThe team that brought you Leadership Focus has joined hands with leaders and coaches across the nation to offer curriculum and encouragement designed to help you receive and give life. A number of training courses, called “cells,” each scheduled to last between four and six weeks, will be offered three times a year. Cells about leadership competencies to world religions to Church of God beliefs and history, the LifeGivers experience puts you together with other learners from across the country via online video conference, led by well-known Church of God coaches, and at a pace that is comfortable, yet intentional.

Most cells will meet online weekly. Some will meet every other week. If you’ve ever taken an online course, you’ll find LifeGivers to be similar, but not in every way. The interaction with a live coach and peers adds a uniquely interactive component. It’s not about just watching a video and downloading assignments; you’re learning together with others also eager to grow in their personal Christ-centered calling.

“We’re trying to be realistic,” Church of God Ministries’ Jeannette Flynn explains. “We’ve designed LifeGivers with those who have a family and a job, and perhaps only have two to three hours total in a week to spare.”

Conveniently, each cell is available a la carte. Only one cell has a prerequisite. Lifelong learners are encouraged to pick and choose which topics would benefit them most, while many may opt to take the many of the always growing list of cells. Can’t begin with the winter 2019 kickoff cells? There will be three times a year when cells are open for enrollment!

What about cost? Thankfully, these high-quality offerings are affordable. An introductory offer is now available for only $75 per cell, which is half of the cost of a Leadership Focus cluster. A group rate is also available for churches: five applicants for only $300.

We are excited to see the ripple effects of this new initiative as it spreads.

LifeGivers cells are led by some of the nation’s most insightful and revered coaches, and each one explores a new topic like discipleship, leadership styles, community outreach, and systems and processes. You can sign up for any or all cells, and complete them online with a schedule that fits your needs.

For more information or to become a LifeGiver, visit CHOGLifeGivers.org.

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