Kentucky Church Sews Quilts of Comfort, Reaps Harvest for Community

 In All Church of God, Southeast

Quilting at Meade Station Church of God.

By Betty Thacker

Meade Station Church of God has a quilting ministry that began in 2009. This ministry consists of a group of women who make lap quilts for hospice patients that are in the hospice center in Ashland, Kentucky. We also give quilts to people in the church that are sick. Over the past nine years, we have given away hundreds of quilts. Last year alone, we gave away approximately two hundred quilts.

This ministry began because one of my family members received a quilt while in hospice. The quilt was used by this one while in the hospice center and then the family got to keep the quilt after the person passed away. I saw the comfort it gave to the spouse after the family member was gone. The ministry began then as a small group and has now increased to about twenty members. These ladies are from different churches and denominations. All ladies are welcome to attend. We meet the second Tuesday of every month at Meade Station Church of God.

“Stained Glass” quilt made by the ministry.

During our meeting, we show the quilt tops we have made for the month. Also, someone from the group demonstrates how to make a new quilt design and passes out directions on how to make the quilt. We eat lunch together, and then the members have an opportunity to go to a small room where there are shelves with fabric that has been donated to the group. The ladies take whatever materials they need and go home and make the quilt top at home. The quilt tops are taken to a machine quilter who quilts them. The quilts are brought to the whole group the next month, and we take our quilt home and bind it and sew on an appliqued heart on the back that says, “Made with love by a hospice quilter.”

Hard at work to comfort those in, and related to those in, hospice.

This ministry is totally funded by generous donations from people in the church and community. Over the past nine years, people have donated fabric, thread, and even sewing machines to this group. This ministry could not be done without these generous donations. When the quilts are turned in to the hospice center, hospice receives forty community service hours for each quilt turned in to help toward Medicare funding. Thousands of community service hours have been completed by the quilting group.

Starting this past fall, at the recommendation of our interim pastor Charles Cross, each month, when the quilts are completed, the congregation prays over the quilts before taking them to the center. This gives the church the opportunity to be a part of the ministry, as well.

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