Juan Santos Named New CBH-Spanish Speaker


Juan Santos

Not only did the untimely passing of Rev. Dr. Gilbert Davila leave a void in our hearts, but it also left a vacancy behind the microphone of the Spanish-language broadcast of Christians Broadcasting Hope. Even as the Church of God movement continues to mourn the loss of our dearly beloved brother and celebrate his incredible legacy, we also thank God for his provision for the future. That’s why Church of God Ministries is excited to announce Juan Santos as Davila’s successor in proclaiming the hope of Jesus to Spanish-speaking listeners around the world.

Much of the Church of God in the United States and Canada was introduced to Juan Santos when he took to the podium during Convention 2019 in Orlando, Florida. His dynamic, Christ-centered message addressed in English to the gathered saints is the same message he declares boldly in Spanish over the airwaves and over the Internet on a daily basis in the Dominican Republic. Even as he continues to shepherd a thriving congregation in Santo Domingo, this preacher and author recently announced yet another local radio broadcast, which started on March 1. Well-equipped with a decade of experience in multimedia and gospel broadcasting, Juan Santos is the right person for the role with CBH. And, he’s thrilled to accept.

“It’s a great opportunity to bless so many people around the world,” Juan reflects of the appointment. “When I asked CBH what the purpose of the program would be, they said that unbelievers might come to know God. Well, that’s me! I have a heart to share the gospel. Broadcasting, on radio, TV, or online, is an extension of the church for me. For different reasons, some people just won’t come into a church building—but they will listen to a broadcast. In this way, I can get inside their homes, their cars, the places where they work, and introduce them to Jesus.”

Learn more about CBH at www.christiansbroadcastinghope.org.

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