Journal Your Way through Crisis: Warner Press Offers Free Download

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By Warner Press staff

During these uncertain times, many of us find ourselves with the free time to do something we wouldn’t normally have the time to do, such as starting a new book. That is why we our offering you a free download of our book Faith Over Fear: Journaling for Peace in Life’s Storms. We hope that this resource offers you a sense of encouragement in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis.

Each page of the book contains inspiring, comforting words and Scriptures for you to meditate on. Then, spend some time writing—maybe a prayer or list of concerns, including what God is saying to you about your situation, and what you are learning as you go through this experience. Let this journal be a safe place to pour out your heart to God in the midst of crisis, and may you discover his peace as you use these challenging days as an opportunity to grow strong in your relationship with him.

We encourage you to pass this free book along to your family, friends, and church members that you think would benefit from it. Faith Over Fear: Journaling for Peace in Life’s Storms was created to encourage you during difficult times in your life.

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