Join The Movement! – Bob Moss, Chief Advancement Officer, Church of God Ministries

 In From Bob Moss

We are basking in the afterglow of a great regional convention in Vancouver! The sense of excitement and anticipation was noticeable as we gathered. Many comments echoed the belief that there is something new and exciting happening in our church. I’m writing to seek your help in sustaining this new day in the Church of God with an initiative called JOIN THE MOVEMENT.

Your Church of God Ministries is in the midst of a bright new day, and a bold turnaround. Leaders at the general offices for the Church of God in the United States and Canada have been keenly listening to the voices of our pastors and congregations. In response to our constituents’ desire for sweeping, substantive, Biblically grounded change, our general director, Jim Lyon has called our movement to remember that “Jesus is the subject.” As a result, leaders and congregations are renewing their determination to reclaim their neighborhoods in ways that Jesus would do.

The church has been called to action in the fight against human trafficking and experienced tremendous response and momentum among congregations who have given over $700,000 to the cause.

Our national convention moved from Anderson to Oklahoma City, and in 2016 we introduced three regional conventions in Vancouver, WA; Anderson, IN; and Philadelphia, PA. You have responded enthusiastically to the new locations and to the new format.

Be Bold Academy has been launched, replete with online resources to help church leaders accomplish their ministry with better tools.

We have reduced personnel by one-third, re-framed international ministries as Global Strategy, and overhauled the ministerial credentialing process. We have tuned up our communications to the church at-large for a younger demographic by rebranding the entire ministry. To lower overhead expenses and expand ministry, we are relocating our offices to a building with space for Church of God Ministries, Servant Solutions, Christian Women Connection and Warner Press to work together and to experience greater collaboration within a fixed-cost tenant environment.

In the midst of all of these changes, our financial resources have been stretched to the limit. While we are beginning to experience increased donation dollars as a result of renewed vision, we are seeking help from your congregation to invest in the continuation of this bold turnaround for the Church of God.

We need your financial support as we work to expand the vision and re-engage leaders across the church. The accomplishments listed above are just a foretaste of a “new day” of a clearly focused vision and the increased efficiency with which we lead. Will you help us achieve this vision of changing the world by making Jesus the subject?  Together we are reaching our world in ways that none of us could do individually. See below for links to donate. The future of our movement depends on you.


Bob Moss



Bob Moss
Chief Advancement Officer

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